Monday, April 02, 2007

April Fools!

...or don't fool with Mother Nature.

Mother Nature is playing tricks on us in Western Washington. Through peeks of sunshine, she pelted us with hail and "chunky" rain yesterday. It looks to be continuing through today.

The Ovine Hilton is habitable!!! The roof is complete and wow! it's everything we thought it would be and more. As we were fastening the last panels, the hail came down in earnest. No leaks! Yeaaaa! Now some hog panels, canvas sides and straw, and it'll be ready for the ewes.

The lamb calendar says the AI ewes are at day 141, within the birthing window especially for Finnsheep, and at SBF EweOne's 2006 gestation. The Sylvania lamb cam is set up and running next to my computer monitor. What a great tool for "ewe watching" ... any time, girls!

- Franna

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