Thursday, May 17, 2007

ShepherdDoc Catering Service

Featured on today's menu are mixed fresh greens: Add a bowl of granola tossed with molasses and a side of sun baked orchard grass.
Delivery is included.
Some customers sample the variety.
Others dig right in.
This exclusive catering service serves "bedridden" and restricted patients (and their family members) who aren't allowed to enjoy harvesting the bountiful spring harvest by themselves.

The ShepherdDoc catering service expects to go out of business by June! :-)



Kathy L. said...

I was so glad to se this post! It's nice to know that someone else does this type of "catering" service.

Michelle at Boulderneigh said...

Hope you do a post with LOTS of sheepie pics when you get back from your trip! (And I want a report on Franjean.)

But in the meantime -- "tag" -- you're it. Come over to my blog to see what's up. Hope you have time to play; 'cause I love learning more about my friends! (If you don't, no sweat.)