Monday, July 02, 2007

Happy Retirement to ME!

Wow. My first official day of retirement, and it's almost over. So, what did I do all day???

First off - I did NOT sleep in. :-) The sheep still need to be fed and let out, as do the dogs. Besides, sleeping in could easily get to be a very bad habit!

Next, I had made a "date" with my Mom to meet her for breakfast. She meets with a group of friends every morning for breakfast/coffee at about 9 am. So, I met them and had coffee. That was a treat! One of the things I've been wanting to do is spend more time with my Mom. At 80-something, she's lived a long and active life, and I certainly hope she's around for many more years. That's not something to take for granted.

After leaving breakfast, I went to spend my Birthday money at Coldwater Creek. They have a fun little store in a new shopping area in Kent with a lot of nicer casual clothing. I'm judging two agility trials this month and need something nice/casual/summertime to wear. I found a long denim skirt, madras plaid shirt jacket and nice tee - all on SALE! :-)

From there, I was homeward bound, and it was already after noon!

At home I went out and checked on the sheep, read email, and felt somewhat ... odd. My feelings ranged from anger (!) to sadness to apathy to excitement. hmmmmm. Now what? Do something fibery! I pulled out the pretty grey Cotswold fleece that followed me home from Shepherd's Extravaganza and started scouring it. I plied up some flaming orange Romney to use in the potholder project going around the Moonspinners Guild as a C.A.M.E.L. project. While waiting for the Cotswold to soak, I wove. (CAMEL - Creative Approach to Mobile Education Loom - one of the experienced guild members chooses a small project, warps the loom and guild members sign up and weave the project and pass the loom along to the next person - wonderful!)

DH came home while the Cotswold was still in the sink, and the potholder was still on the loom.

Monday evenings we have people in to "play" agility. Tonight we were breaking in a couple of new judges for 4H fairs this summer. My dog Clifford did okay for having very little practice over the last several months. ...okay, he wouldn't have passed even the beginner course, but by the end of the session he was paying attention and following directions, at least mostly. ;-) He gave the new judges plenty of opportunity to call faults.

After agility, the sheep got fed, watered and attention. Poor Tori, my beautiful Shetland ewe out of Island Skeld, had mastitis a few weeks ago. She had a complete break in her wool from the illness, and tonight I pulled the rest of it off of her. Amazingly, once I caught her, she stood fairly quietly while I pulled tuft after tuft off her. Beautiful soft, crimpy, white wool that wasn't long enough to do anything with.

Now, here I am blogging. After I post this, I'm going to work on agility courses for one of the upcoming trials. This trial is full - 330 runs per day and I'm the only judge! The courses are going to be fun. :-)

One thing I didn't do was take photos. Maybe tomorrow. After the potholder is done.


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Michelle at Boulderneigh said...

For what it's worth, I think you "did great" your first day of retirement. :-) And I LOVE Coldwater Creek -- wish I lived close to an outlet! I mostly just drool over their "eye candy" catalogs; I enjoy their well-designed layouts as much as anything (now you know what turns the crank of an artist and graphic designer!).