Thursday, November 29, 2007

Around the Farm

Thought you might enjoy a few random shots of the Farm:

The cats don't get much publicity. I'm a cat person. I like cats and love to have one purring on my lap. This is Squeeker. He is one of the three cats we got from the "Feral Cat Rescue" folks. Although he's come a long ways toward being "tame" his job is to stay in the barn area and control the rodent population. Squeeker now has a healthy glow to his coat, comes up for ear rubs and stroking - with one hand only. He's still pulls back when I start to scratch him with both hands.

This is "Princess". It took weeks before she let us even see her, more weeks before she'd come out in the open, and now she lets us stroke her a little while she's eating. She, too, has developed a nice (plump?) body and healthy glow to her coat. I see them out of barn and in the open more and more. The third cat disappeared shortly after we let them out of quarantine. I hope she's doing as well.

Now, this little guy, Stars, is auditioning for House Cat. Originally, he and his sister, Stripes, were barn cats extraordinairre. Something happened to Stars, and he has some nerve damage to his left hind leg. It's taken some time, but he's getting around fairly well and finally maturing into a beautiful cat. ...long time readers might remember that Stripes disappeared a while back :-( Stars is extremely affectionate, underfoot, and hasn't learned to keep his claws sheathed when he's kneading. The straw bale doesn't care, but I sure do! He's still an outstanding mouser/ratter/mole-er.

The sheep are always curious about the cats. Here Bessie, Bits and Niblet try to reach Stars. I wonder what they'd do if he let them? He doesn't seem too concerned. Pumpkins! After Halloween, I bought 2 pallets of "Tiger Baby" pumpkins from a local fruit stand/corn maze/pumpkin farm. The sheep actually like them, though they go for the "gourmet" parts - seeds and strings and leave skin scattered all over - picky sheep!

Jack'O'Lantern didn't get quite made up this year. Finnsheep Freckles is doing her part to get to the gourmet parts of Jack. Finns, Brain and Pinky, are waiting for Freckles to do the hard work.

In the house, here is my domaine. Papers everywhere! Why in this age of computers and digital data, is there still so much paperwork? Well, this is where I spend way too much time, but I sure enjoy keeping in touch :-)

Clifford likes being close. It probably feels like some throwback shelter cave to him, under the desk. It doesn't hurt that he gets plenty of ear scritching when he comes up and lays his head in my lap.

Thomas appropriates the "best" dog place in the house. We had several of these dog beds until one by one they were chewed and eaten and de-fluffed. Now there's one. It is hardly ever vacant. When one dog gets up, another quickly finds the warm spot. ...amazing that Thomas got caught in a still moment.

Back out to the sheep - you knew I couldn't leave out the sheep, eh? Here are our three remaining Scottish Blackface lambs. The rest of the flock has been loaned out until we get to our 20 acre farm. Left to right are Sweet Pea, Eve, and Butch Cassidy. Sweet Pea and Butch are 50% UK bloodlines; Eve is 75%, from our second generation of UK breedings. They've had a lot of socialization, so are much less flighty than Scotties usually are.

These two are mother and daughter. Asa is our oldest ewe at age 8 1/2. She is a lovely Shetland from Puddleduck farm, and is as gentle as they come. Her half Gotland daughter, Bunny, is our overall nicest Gotland to date. Her conformation and fleece are very Gotland like. They make a pretty pair.

It's difficult to get a nice photo of a black sheep. I like this picture of Midnight, one of our Shetland ewe lambs. Midnight is 62.5% UK breeding and shows a lot of promise for crimpy, fine fiber with decent length. Now, if she'll just figure out that I'm her friend....- Franna


Kathy said...

Thanks for showing us the cat-folk! I have five "housecats" myself...two from our daughter when she moved to NZ and the rest were street-issued...cats dumped or lost. Shadow didn't ahve any fur on his ears or much on his tail when he came to us. Max was abused and Ziggy just took over the place! They are great helpers and friends. I vote for letting Stars become a housecat. :)

Beth & Dennis @ Milehaus Farm said...

I am so glad someone else has an office that resembles mine! Once a year I clean it up and then I can't find anything....
We always enjoy looking at critter pictures from other farms.


Franna said...

We also have two "senior" ex-house cats. Their house manners got lax and they got booted out! Now Grizabell gets to spend most nights indoors, with our bedroom door firmly shut! Stars has tried out the house thing a few times, and isn't completely comfortable. Some mice have moved indoors, so some indoor cat time is needed! The lap sitting and purring is a big bonus. :-)
Unfortunately, with the dogs - expecially Clifford - indoors, it isn't strictly safe for cats. I never thought I'd have to admit that, but there it is. :-\
- Franna

Franna said...

Oh, it's dangerous showing my disaster area of a desk. Putting it out for everyone to see somehow legitamizes it. And what if my MOM looks in???? ;-)
It does get a cleaning every now and then, and like you, Beth, I can't find anything afterwards. heh.
- Franna

Michelle at Boulderneigh said...

I tell you, it's feast or famine on your blog! I wait and wait and wait for photos and news and then -- WHOOSH! -- a whole bunch! But I'll take what I can get. :-)

That photo of Midnight is the best photo I've EVER seen of a black sheep; SO nice!

What was that little mention of driving south to pick up lambs on my blog???

Franna said...

You caught that little aside, eh? We're buying two white, fall born half Gotland ewe lambs from Linda Stimson in Oregon.
They're like potato chips.
- Franna

Franna said...

...and DH says - "so who else goes?"

- Franna