Wednesday, December 05, 2007


Every year about 14 days post AI, I go on sheep watch. Two to three times a day I feel like a voyeur standing in the shadows just watching. Unlike a voyeur, I hope to see nothing! Today is day 17 post AI. So far, FIVE of the little tramps have succumbed to the charms of the cleanup rams. Three in Bubba's group, and two in Kibbles group. Five sponges, five hormone injections, five procedures and five straws down the tubes. At least Bubba and Kibbles are 50% Gotland.
Bubba is sort of studly, in a Leicesterly, just past awkward teenage, longwool, white sort of way. He flips his very large, Leicester sized ears to accent his pillow talk. I wonder if the ewes notice?
Kibbles is very well built and moves with a powerful grace that I don't see often in sheep. His face, though... I guess you have to be his mom, and before weaning!, to appreciate it.

Here's Kibbles in front of "his" group of 8 ewes. Starting left, Pinky and Brain, Lindy, Bossie, Hortense behind, Tucker, Freckles and Charcoal. Can you see Lindy and Charcoal smirking?

Bubba (at right) keeps watch on 4 of his ewes. At left is Bibb, the first to succumb, then Bits, Niblet and in front, Lou. Niblet is a hold out, the other 3 will have Leicester-Gotland-Finn lambs.

Electra is looking smug after teaching Bubba a thing or two about Shetland ewes. She was our backup ewe for AI, and wasn't needed. Since she was synchronized with the other ewes, she's cycling right on time.
Buddy has a group of 5 Shetland ewes. Only two of these were AI'd with Gotland semen - Snowflake and Asa. So far, they've given Buddy the cold shoulder. From left to right are Snowflake, Emmie, Buddy, Val, Asa (lying down) and Bessie.

When I get past the next couple of days, I'll stop looking at the emptiness of the glass - it's 1/3 empty now! - and start looking at how full it is. ;-)

- Franna


shepherdchik said...

Bummer that some of them did not settle after the AI. We will watch for pics of the lambs anyways!

Kathy said...

Gosh, Franna...I know you must be disappointed after going through all the prep and expense for the AI. Too bad they don't give a guarantee with that, or offer at least some money back.

How many do you think took with AI? I, too, am watching for signs of cycling in with Skit's breeding group. I believe two settled right away, but he keeps courting one of the maiden ewes. Haven't seen any "sheep nookie" going on, just courtship! :) They could all be settled and it's just Skit trying again - you know how those males are! lol