Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Start with the End

Some of you asked about photos of the Welsh Springer National. Well, neither Dave nor I took any photos. However, it seemed like everytime I turned around, there were several cameras clicking away :-) Those photos keep trickling in and bringing back pleasant memories.

Today's post is of Clifford's last retrieve of the last event of the National, the Hunt Test. He had already clinched the Iron Welsh Champion title, but needed this retrieve to get a qualifying score in the Junior Hunter test.

Julie Wickwire, one of the judges, gives me instruction about the test, while...

... the gunners think they've been signaled to throw the bird! Clifford gets a GOOD look, and locks in on the bird.

Julie lets me decide, and I opt to send him. MISTAKE - never do this. Clifford sat for more time than he should have while we talked and then I took off his slip lead. The fall wasn't fresh in his mind, and could have spelled disaster for our qualifying score.

However, Clifford being the IRON WELSH CHAMPION that he is...

...went directly into the water and straight to the bird! Then turned right around...

...and brought the bird straight to me for a clean to-hand delivery!

A well done Qualifying Score for Clifford in spite of his handler!

...and Clifford, of course, wants more.

I love the reflection in the water. The weather that day was really unsettled. At the beginning of Clifford's land work it was pelting rain and blowing. Later, the sun came out. Here it was calm and overcast and you can see by the clothing that it was NOT warm. Not too long after, the wind kicked up again and made mini-white caps on this enchanted pond.

By then, The 2010 Welsh Springer Spaniel National Specialty was complete. We gathered up our things, left this beautiful, verdant forest and headed home, tired and happy.

- Franna

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