Monday, January 24, 2011

The House Pumas

After stealthily ignoring the pumas for most of the morning, I managed to catch them on their perches.

Here's Toby on the back of the sofa. Toby's second favorite perch is on this Scottish Blackface pelt. His favorite perch is the very top of the kitty tree. The two kitties used to share this perch. Now Toby lops over on all sides all by himself. Kat still fits neatly inside.

And here is Kat who took over my chair while I was stalking Toby and capturing his spirit in the black box. I caught her while she wasn't looking, at least not looking at the lens.

This is our other house kitty - no longer a puma. She's actually doing fairly well for a 15 year old kitty. Spike disappeared for days last year. Sometime in there she got injured and almost starved. She managed to come home, but I didn't think she'd live. Obviously, she lived, but didn't heal well, so now she's our "broken" kitty with a pronounced limp in the rear. She gets around well enough to climb onto the living room sofa and chairs and mostly keeps to herself and seems happy. She came in to see what I was doing - stalking her nemeses, Kat and Toby.
Later, Toby wrestled me into my chair, where he held me down and forced my hand to repeatedly stroke his fur, while he mesmerized me with his enchanting buzz. It was all a plot to get his spirit back. It worked.
- Franna


Michelle said...

Your photos and words made me smile - especially the last paragraph. :-) Thanks for sharing your kitties with us!

Nancy K. said...

I absolutely melt when I hear a cat purring...

Beautiful kitties

Kathy said...

Must be a cat conspiracy! Mine do the same darned thing. Last night, tired and cold from being in the barn with Candy, three of mine held me down in my recliner and insisted I stay there - one on my head, one on my lap, and the third in reserve along my side.
They plot and plan with the best of them!