Saturday, July 02, 2011

Le Tour de Fleece - Day 1 Progress

I completed a whole batt! It took about 2 hours spinning, plying and skeining. 0.9 oz and 79 yards. The color's not quite right on my monitor, it's the center top batt in the previous post - magenta blended with white, a little grey and a bit of flash. Yeaaa! Progress!


Michelle said...

You overachiever, you! Methinks you will need to come up with more projects to be able to spin the whole Tour!

Rayna said...

What an over achiever! That's quite the start :)

Franna said...

Thanks! In looking at other Ravelrers' progress, my almost ounce is just a drop in the bucket! I was pleased, though.

The way I see it, any spinning counts and is terrific progress!

Day 2 got me a ball of singles, about 0.7 oz :-)

Franna said...

Michelle, my stash is not lacking! If (big IF) I run out of Designer Batts, there is definately some Shetland calling out to me.