Friday, May 11, 2012

The Maiden Yearlings

The group of Gotland lambs born last year at the end of May started the winter keeping company with the Shetlands.  As the Shetlands had their lambs, they went into a separate pen, more suitable for raising lambs without competing with the unbred yearlings.  These girls are actually not quite 1 year old, since they were born near the end of May, 2011.
Crystal, Ruby, and Pearl - Crystal is 87.5% Gotland by NZ Ralph and EVR Gem.  Ruby is 87.5% Gotland by NZ Hoppy and EVR Jewel.  Crystal is 75% Gotland by NZ Ralph and EVR Bits.  Ruby is for sale.
Here is another photo of Ruby.  She has nice length of body, like her dam, Jewel.
This is Ruby's fleece (top/side).  Soft, silky, grey curls.  It feels good and she likes to have  fingers run through it.
This is Ruby's twin, Sapphire.  Sapphire has a little more variegation in her fleece.  Otherwise, they're very much twins.
EVR Sapphire 87.5% Gotland  by NZ Hoppy ex EVR Jewel
EVR Sapphire
EVR Kanin, 75% Gotland by NZ Ralph ex EVR Bunny.  Bunny has been one of our best producers. 
EVR Kanin

EVR Conejo, Kanin's triplet sister.  Conejo didn't want to show her face this session, just her curls.  Connie is for sale.
EverRanch Popcorn.  NASSA Registered Shetland.  Popcorn is  by  Firth of Fifth Barish ex EverRanch Blanca, a V Creek Buddy daughter.  Popcorn has lovely, crimpy, fine fleece and might carry polled genetics.

EverRanch Popcorn

The yearlings share their pasture and feed with "Goose Goose".  After his friend disappeared, GooseGoose adopted the sheep as his flock.  He' protects' them from the barn cats, the dogs and the other sheep.  It's very funny to hear him answering the sheep "baaaaaa's" with his honking.

Katrina watching the photo taking with interest.

These photos were taken in the back yard.  The sheep are very good at taming the jungle of spring grass.  As a bonus, they've stripped the needles from the downed fir branches!

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