Thursday, March 29, 2007

Blogger Made Me Do It

Every now and then, I poke the wrong button. I poke the wrong button on my phone and it erases things, and hangs up on people. I poke the wrong button on the remote and I lose the movie channel or the sound. I poke the wrong button on Blogger and my post disappears. Waahh!

So, now I've kind of gotten over it and I'll try to recreate the post from several days ago that DISPPEARED when I tried to edit a few little details.

March 19th it was... I say (on blogger) - It is STILL Winter.

We have a nice 80' x 100' covered arena that we built to practice dog agility. We met through dog agility and thoroughly enjoy the sport. We enjoy it so much that we are both judges for AKC agility. Anyhow, we refer to this nice covered arena as our "yacht", since we sunk our play money into it instead of a big boat, or fancy motorhome, or taking exotic vacations. heh... that's a good one - exotic vacations when you have Sheep.

Last fall, the sheep encroached on our agility arena. It was an innocent encroachment that gave them a little shelter as they grazed the front pasture. It gave us an idea! We could put up a little shed roof on the front of the arena and have another sheep barn, and still have 80' x 100' to play dog agility. Now, almost 5 months later with lambs imminent, the Ovine Hilton is still under construction. With the promise of a dry, partly sunny day, both of us took a day of vacation to work on it.

Of course, it rained all day. It poured all day. The holes I dug for the pier blocks filled up with water.

We both got soaking wet, but got up the last posts, the last beams, and all but two of the rafters!

Well, it's not done yet, but it's closer. Today (the REAL today, March 29th) we got a bunch of fussy details done - fussy because neither one of us has put up a metal roof and it didn't come with instructions! The next bits should go quickly, putting up nailers and the actual roofing! Maybe we'll even get it complete in time to have lambs born under it.

- Franna

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