Saturday, March 17, 2007

Rain, Oh Bother!

Yesterday was lovely. Warm and dry, just lacking in that it was a workday, and I couldn't be on the farm all day long. Warm and dry meant dry sheep without having to pen them in. Two more got sheared - Finnsheep "Bibb" and Blackie "Bonnie". They were both very good on the stand, once I got them haltered and led them up there. Bonnie indeed has a very nice Blackie fleece, much like Aunt Luna's. Unfortunately, it looks like Bonnie's AI didn't take, although as a first time mother, we hold out a little hope that her bag is still to come, and she's hiding a nice single up under her ribs. Bibb's babies were kicking me as she leaned against me. :-)

With over half of the sheep now sheared, they occupy much less space than just two weeks ago.

I took the camera to the barn yesterday after work, and got a few shots before starting to shear. Sheepie photos follow:

First is Bonnie in full fleece

Next are a trio of Blackies: EweOne, Jennie, and Dallie. Dallie is our best producing Blackie ewe, EweOne is one of her daughters, and Jennie is EweOne's daughter, one of last years produce from LAI. Her sire is a REAL Scottish SBF. Jennie is the last remaining Blackier here in full fleece.

Here is a head shot of Dallie. She shows very nice traditional Scottish Blackface type.

Remember Luna from Thursday's blog? She is shown below, no longer looking like Cousin Itt. Her very nice fleece will be shown at the Fairs this summer.

The sheep look so different with their wool shorn off! Below is Tucker (Finnsheep) bulging with lambs and developing bag.

This blog is going through Shetland withdrawal! Here's Bessie to remind us of the Real Sheep. Bessie is taking it easy in the last few days before her lambs arrive.

Then... despite yesterday's forecast of nice weather all weekend, the Rain returneth. We spent most of the day working at our local Labrador Retriever club's "spring" agility trial, getting wetter and wetter. Of course, no sheep were penned, and they are now waaaaay too wet for shearing. Ah, well. It's nice to have a little break.

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