Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Auction and Washington Wool

Our fellow Shepherds, Meg and Brad Gregory, continue to dig out, repair, clean, and rebuild after the devastating floods of December, 2007. They are committed to their Black Sheep Creamery, and the NW Shetland Sheep Group is committed to help with ANOTHER BENEFIT AUCTION! There is an amazing variety of donated items in the auction, and more are being added as they're received. Please help by bidding - who knew that adding to your stash could help a fellow shepherd? :-)

We also launched Washington Wool dot Net ...maybe a little prematurely... as a way to host Part 2 of the Benefit Auction. Washington Wool will be our co-op Marketplace for small fiber farms all over Washington. A few of us have our own websites, but most have no effective way to advertise to our customers. More and more customers are internet savvy and like online shopping. Watch for us to grow!

If you are a small fiber farm in Washington, and are interested in joining Washington Wool, just let me know!

- Franna

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Kathy said...

Congratulations of the great auction results!