Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Eye Candy

On Monday, I drove up to ERN (EverRanch "North") to check on progress.
Monday was the most spectacularly beautiful day of the year! It was cold, clear and crisp. Everywhere I turned, scenery was eye popping. This is just one of the views I took in. This one is from the ferry dock in Clinton at not quite sunset. The moon is just rising over the Cascade range. The mountain on the right is Three Fingers, home to one of my favorite hikes - Goat Flats (if you know where to look, you can see Goat Flats in the photo!), and one of the many Cascade peaks I've climbed. The next mountain to the left, I think, is White Horse. Below them is part of the city of Everett.
My, Oh My!

I was going to stop with the one photo, but I just couldn't resist. This one is Mount Baker in her Winter Finery. Mt. Baker is a ways north of White Horse and Three Fingers and highly visible from the Clinton ferry dock. They should both "biggify" if you click on them - be prepared for a large photo! I have a whole photo panorama of peaks inbetween. Maybe that'll get posted on the website. :-)
And now, I can even go to bed "early".
Good night,
- Franna


Michelle at Boulderneigh said...

As a little girl I lived in Everett with my mom at my grandma's house. I remember Grandma's house distinctly, but have no memory of the surrounding scenery at all. That strikes me as strange now.

Tina T-P said...

Don't you just love Mt. Baker? That is a very cool pic of the moon coming up too - don't get that captured too often. Well done. T.

Nancy K. said...

How beautiful! I hope to get out to your part of the country for a visit sometime this year...

Kathy said...

Gee...maybe the DH & I should be giving WA a once over for retirement! (I'm getting him as far N as OR for BSG this year, but have to work on him to check out WA, at some point!)

Where exactly IS ERN? :)

Franna said...

Michelle, you might say that Everett is "forgettable" ;-) except that's the turnoff to Goat Flats and Mt. Three Fingers. Where did your Grandma live in Everett?

Tina, it was so wonderful to see the moon rising like that. We can see it rising and setting here at ERS, and will at ERN, too. Beautiful heavenly body. :-)

Oh, Nancy! Quite a few of us will be at BSG. Maybe you can time your visit for the end of June. If you're ever this way, you have a place to stay - it'a not the Hilton, but it's (usually) warm and dry. :-)

Kathy... you wouldn't like it here, it rains 365 days a year. heh... maybe 364, and the sheep get webbed toes, and moss grows everywhere. heh.... ERN is just SW of Oak Harbor on Whidbey Island. I'll try to get a Google Earth Link up... oh! There's a "sheep pin" with its front toes on the location - look at the Washington Wool dot Net map.

Sorry, everyone, that the photos didn't "biggify". I thought that was automatic when you upload a larger photo. I'll figure something out. If nothing else, I'll put them up on and post a link.

- Franna