Thursday, February 28, 2008

She's Here!

At 2:45 Villa arrived at the Alaska Air Freight counter. She let everyone know she'd much rather get OUT than sit on the counter in the crate. She kept her tail wagging and wrapped herself around my feet multiple times before getting down to 'business', then we could drive home.

At the feed store (well, yes, I had to make a stop for puppy "litter" and a few more toys) *everyone* had to make a fuss over her. She ate that up with a spoon. Finally at home, she's been played with and fussed over and fell asleep on my lap (out of reach of the camera). I'm getting a few things done while she rests in her crate for a bit. What an adorable little girl. I'm not sure "Villainess" fits her, but a Villainess with Virtue, or a playing a Villainess online... now that fits. (Remember Mom's name is "Online" and Dad's is "Conundrum". ;-)

Photos later - I promise!
- Franna

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Lisa said...

Looking forward to pictures!!!! : )