Sunday, August 31, 2008

Poults show themselves

I found the nest! It was tucked in a patch of thistles (say it isn't so!!! Thistles on a wool farm!) and nettles up against the trailer we use for a chicken house. Well, we use the trailer, but the chickens really don't. The barn cat hides in the trailer to get away from the chickens. heh.

Below is the survivor of the twins that "Slate Hen" hatched. For a couple weeks we thought this would be our only turkey survivor of the year. Its survival isn't assured, as many things can happen yet to a young free range turkey. Slate Hen isn't ever far away and is a very vigilant mom.
A week later, all 15 poults are vigorous and keeping mom on her toes. These inmates have a greater chance of survival - at least while they're in the "big house". They do spend time pacing back and forth along the walls. Just being safe, having food and water, doesn't equal happiness, even if they're just turkeys. I'll be glad when they reach the age where we can release them to the great outdoors, or maybe just to a larger confinement space.

Anyone for Valentine's Turkeys? Ohhhh, how about Easter Turkeys - April 12, 2009! Yum!

- Franna
P.S. We just heard from our next door neighbors that another of the turkey hens is nesting in their pasture! We might be overrun with turkeys this fall/winter!

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Wrensong Farm said...

I just love turkeys! (and eating turkey) just not MY turkeys....I really need to think more realistically about it....maybe if I have as many as you do running around I may be able to look at a few as sandwich material! :)