Sunday, August 31, 2008

Halfway to Junior Hunter!

Remember this Classy Dude? "Clifford" aka AKC and International Champion Briarbanc Brych Red Dog, RE, OA, NAJ? On Memorial Day weekend, he qualified once toward his AKC Junior Hunter title. This weekend we went to more hunt tests. ...ahem... we won't talk about Friday. But YESTERDAY, Clifford's work was brilliant! He earned his second qualifying score toward the JH. He only needs two more for the title.

Dave came and watched the little man do his thing in the field. Of course, we've been hunting with Clifford for 5 years now, and know he's a primo fantastic upland hunting dog. He finds birds that no other dog does, and finds more of them. He has a solid flush, and finds the birds after they've been shot. Up to now, it's been his retrieving skills that were lacking. (He always has a Labrador around to pick up the birds!) Well, yesterday, his retrieving was stylish, quick and to hand - awesome! He even impressed me :-)

He impressed judges Carolyn Joy Evele and Margaret Lindsey enough that his scores were 9.9 and 9.7 out of a possible 10.0!! Dave videotaped as much as he could from his position in the gallery. I'll get that posted so you all can see. I saw some of the other dogs work on land, but couldn't see anything of the water retrieve. Dave, however, saw all of the Junior dogs work and said that Clifford easily did the best water work of the bunch.

Clifford, Mom's pretty proud of you. If I was wearing buttons, they'd all be busted off!

- Franna


Nancy K. said...

Congratulations Franna & Clifford! WOW! 9.7 and 9.9????? That's incredible!!!

And he's gorgeous to boot!


Pamela said...

How absolutely fantatic! Way to go!!!!!!!!! And yes, he is a real beaut!

Michelle at Boulderneigh said...

What a feat! Congratulations to Clifford AND his great trainer!