Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Rissa and Friends

This is Shady Oaks Marissa. We chose her in trade for EverRanch Franjean at the Black Sheep Gathering. While sitting with her in her sheep pen, I checked her udder, and to my surprise (and Marybeth's surprise, too) felt a small udder, even though she hadn't lambed and supposedly was virgin. Apparently someone had other ideas! Now, 2 months later, she seems a little pudgy, and I can see small pink teats from behind, but not much more, if any udder development. Soooooo, is she or isn't she???????

Rissa isn't telling.

Also from BSG, we brought home Stonehaven Astrid to fill out our 2008 show string. 'Rissa and Astrid have been close friends since. We really like the gulmoget pattern and look forward to exquisitely soft fleeced lambs from Astrid and Buddy. Maybe even another moorit gulmoget!Pastured with 'Rissa and Astrid is Bessie's Silver Lining - Lini. Lini is incredibly petite and wasn't competing well with the other ewe lambs. Due to 'Rissa's "condition" this group is getting extra groceries and Lini finally seems to be gaining. She is cute as a button and extra friendly.

Lini also has the loudest "baaaaa!" of the ewe lambs. We can hear her from any corner of the farm!

Will their group become larger anytime soon???? Stay tuned.

- Franna


Nancy K. said...

Risa doesn't look pg to me, but she sure does look like my ALICE!!

What lovely new girls you've brought home to live with you...


Pamela said...

Thank you so much for sharing the photos of your lovely girls. I especially like the one of Lini with her legs all tucked up sitting on the rocks....or is that a stump? Whatever it is, the picture is adorable.

Michelle at Boulderneigh said...

Oh my! Does Marybeth have any idea who the daddy could be, if there is one?

Kathy said...

Soooo, that's the trade MBB was working on when I was sheep-shopping when we thought we were headed that direction. I think it was a total win-win. :)

Franna said...

Well, no lambs from Marissa and (the late) Mtn Niche Aberdeen! Yes, Aberdeen was pastured alongside the ewe lambs turning yearlings. I guess it was all wishful thinking - but I was SURE I felt udder development.

I hope Marissa does as well as Alice!

- Franna