Sunday, March 29, 2009

Sunday, March 29th, 2009

My last sheepie check was in the wee hours of today. I went outside and the ground was WHITE. No, it wasn't cottonwood cotton, it wasn't dense fog, it wasn't fleecey bits. It was SNOW. ...on March 29th. It stuck to the ground. It was still there when I got up this morning - late morning. Ugh.

Sometime during breakfast, while watching the Lamb Cam, I could see Charcoal concentrating on "something" near the back of the Hilton. A foreground sheep moved, and I saw a little head moving! Charcoal's lambs were coming!

Out in the Hilton, I saw the lamb was drenched and brand new born. Charcoal was licking and being very attentive, so I just watched the miracle unfolding before my eyes.
The little one has a white tail tip and white on the top of the head and a strip on the muzzle. It also has dangly bits in the rear - Ram lamb!

Charcoal is one of our 50% Gotland ewes, and her lambs are a result of AI to a 100% Gotland ram, Whitehall Daniel. So this little guy is a 75% Gotland, 25% Finnsheep.

Charcoal wasn't done. There were tiny hoof tips showing. I just waited and watched. After about 15 minutes of on again off again pushing, more "lamb" was coming. But wait! It's more FEET. Lamb number 2 was coming OVER THE TOP of lamb number 3... or was it 3 coming over the top of number 2???

Time to help. I gave number 2 just a little gentle tension with Charcoal's next push, and out it came. There were still feet presenting, but now it was apparent that they were upside down and HIND feet. I dashed to the house for gloves, lubricant and boluses. When I got back, Dave had taken over and had helped Charcoal deliver number 3 with just gentle tension. WOW.

All three are vigorous, all three made it to the milk bar, and they're safely penned in a jug. Good girl Charcoal. Look at the beautiful Gotland curl on Charcoal's lambs.

We couldn't stand it anymore and looked under tails - number 1 is a ram, number 2 is a EWE, NUMBER 3 is a EWE! Jackpot number two! These are the first 75% Gotlands ewes born at EverRanch, and 75% Gotland ewes are eligible for REGISTRATION. :-)

The Brain's girls have learned that snuggling together is warmer than staying by oneself.

Who is next? By my calendar, Freckles the Finnsheep is due, as are Midnight the Shetland and Bunny the Gotland/Shetland.


- Franna


Michelle at Boulderneigh said...

It was cold here last night, but thankfully, no snow. The breeze is brisk, but the lambies seem to be okay out in the pasture. Enough sun to warm little backs. More photos of "your" boy on the blog today! Can't wait to see Charcoal's babies; Gotlands?

Franna said...

Wow, you're quick! The post wasn't even complete. Yes! 75% Gotlands. Now to go look at Blackberry.
- Franna

Dave said...

What Franna should have said is that these are the first 75% Gotland EWES born at Everranch. We have Bill and Jack, both 75% Gotland Rams born last year. 75% rams are not registerable with the Gotland Sheep Breeders Association, but 75% ewes are... And just for the record, the second ewe was not upside down, just backwards. When I saw rear end showing instead of head, I just helped ease her out and cleared her nose and mouth enough that she could breathe. Charcoal took over from there. At least Franna has the fancy delivery stuff in the barn now :)

Michelle at Boulderneigh said...

I'm back again -- PHOTOS this time! I am thrilled for the two EWES you got; that's fantastic! Such gangly legs on those lambies....

Christy said...

They are so sweet. How exciting to be able to register them.

Mim said...

So pretty and more ewe's. Just love those Gotlands!

Franna said...

Yup, the first registerable Gotland ewes at EverRanch. (I fixed it in the text :-)
All that leg is amazing.
- Franna

Donna said...

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Gail V said...

Exciting lambs, Franna! You didn't say, so I'll presume those ewes will have no trouble with triplets?
I have finns for the first time this year, and I'm afraid I'll end up with bottle lambs.
Gail at Little Red Oak Farm in MN

Franna said...

We've had several ewes with triplets - Shetlands, Finnsheep, Scottish Blackface, and now Charcoal, and they've done just fine. We even had one with quads (Finn) who raised them all with no supplements. For the record, I've offered bottles and they've not taken them. I also start them on creep feed early and pour the feed to the ewes.

I took a tip from a Finnsheep breeder. If you bottle feed them, leave them with mom and the flock, and just offer them bottles twice a day as long as they're doing well.