Monday, July 06, 2009

Gotland Sheep for Sale

Gotlands are a medium size, Northern Short Tail breed originating on the Isle of Gotland off the coast of Sweden. They were developed as a pelt sheep. We are focusing on handspinning fleeces through selection and our choice of Foundation ewes (mainly Finnsheep and Shetlands). They are generally friendly and rather inquisitive sheep, and quite calm. Halter training is a breeze, but you need to watch any supplies and tools that come within their reach!

The original Gotland color is a unique blue grey. In our flock, due to the influence of our foundation ewes, we have black, white and brown sheep in addition to the classic grey. All of the colors are beautiful in the field and spun, either natural or dyed. Gotland wool is on the fine side of the luster longwools and has wonderful luster in the mass of curls. The white Gotland/Finn cross especially tends to produce a soft handling, wavy, eye popping lustrous fleece.

EverRanch Snickers

Our Gotland sheep for sale are posted on Washington Wool dot Net. I would keep them all if we had space and resources. They are really nice!

EverRanch Angie

The ewes and rams are listed as separately. We're also offering Gotland semen from 3 rams in New Zealand - at our cost. These genetics will offer diverse bloodlines and complement those from the UK, and we'll truly have "Global Gotlands". These rams are from Hamish Black's Chocolate Wool NZ flock. Hamish selects for handspinning fleeces and sells them worldwide.

"Flash", Gotland ram in New Zealand

EverRanch Bunny - one of our 50% Gotland/50% Shetland ewes. (NFS)

We will send fleece samples, photos and/or videos on request.

- Franna


Garrett808 said...

I appreciate the gotlands but would still be interested in knowing about Buddy :) :) Did you micron him this year?

Becky Utecht said...

Have you micron tested your Gotland crosses at all? They are very striking.

Vicki Foster said...

Beautiful! I so wish I could easily purchase one, but alas, too much paperwork for me to consider - this year anyhow. ;0)

Franna said...

Garrett and Becky I just sent in a whole packet of fleece samples to Dr. Lupton. Buddy's is included, as are quite a few of the Gotland crosses. We had a white Gotland/Finn second shearing ewe tested a couple years ago - 25 afd. Gorgeous fleece!

Vicki - I hope the Gotlands take hold in Canada. They are such nice sheep. Bill Stearman seems to have the import thing down. Maybe he has some tips on how to make it easier.

- Franna

jeanius said...

angie is a beautiful ewe! I love the curl of her fleece :) Ahh, to have the room for s few sheep...Nice to see you on Saturday Franna!