Thursday, July 16, 2009

Shetland Lambs!

We have Shetland lambs, of course! They are doing well and still with their moms. THAT will be remedied soon. All of these lambs are for sale, unless noted - $200 each, and we can arrange delivery. All lambs are sired by V Creek Buddy - a solid mioget, very correct Shetland, about 80 lb. Buddy's fleece is fine and crimpy with about a 3" to 4" staple - YUMMY!

Electra (Dodge Electra) has twin ram lambs. This is TC - or Town Crier. He has a strident, high pitched BAAAAA! He is our only grey lamb this year, and is full of himself, yet respectful. He is for sale.
This is Electra's other lamb - Ebbie (Electra's Brown Boy - EBB). He is quite a nice ram so far, nice presence, horns look good, fleece should be between Electra and Buddy in softness - or high 20's/low 3o's ;-) Ebbie is also for sale.Ebbie is a funny boy. He is one of two lambs that NEVER go into the creep. His weight is fine, and he's not spooky, so I'm not sure what's going on there. He just stays out when the rest come in.

Next is Sherman. Yes, for the tank. He was a very large lamb, born to a rather small yearling (Stonehaven Astrid), and stayed "biggest" for a long while. He is handsome, seems to be modified, and has nicely shaped horns. He can be a pest, so gets "tough love" lessons. Sherman has one of the softest feeling fleeces of the group and should be a nice flock sire.
Next up - Marissa's twins (Shady Oaks Marissa) - Mindy and Minx. Their bodies are very similar, yet their fleeces are very different. Marissa has an amazingly long, flowing fleece that has great hand and luster. Mindy is following in Mom's hoofprints with the addition of some bold wave. Minx's fleece is more like Dad's but without any crimp showing yet.
Mindy and Minx are both musket, but Minx is very dark...

...and Mindy is more like what I think of as "musket" - very light fawn. Mindy is for sale, and Minx is reserved.

I tried and tried to get a good photo of Blanca, and this was the best I could do.
Blanca has a very, very soft fleece with lots of crimp front to back. In my humble opinion, it is the nicest of the lamb's fleeces this year. She is pretty and friendly. Mom, EverRanch Snowflake is standing behind her. It's a terrible photo of Snowflake - sorry Snowflake. Blanca is reserved.

I had high hopes for Bessie's lambs, and she didn't let me down. Her twin ewes are both light moorit, and soft feeling. Moira has some crimp at the base of her fiber. Her sister isn't named ... yet. They are very similar, and difficult to tell apart. Moira is the puppy-dog friendly one. Below is Sister.

In the photo below, Moira is on the right. Moira and Sister are for sale.
Our last Shetland lambs are Asa's (Puddleduck Venke) twins - moorit ewe and ram. Her ewe is here on the left. Asa is now ten, and takes such good care of her lambs. They are, however, smaller than the rest, and Asa has been retired to the "auntie" role.

Asa's ram lamb is below. Both of her twins are nicely conformed and friendly, but not overly so. Her ram lamb has high, wide horns. He broke one midway down last week - far enough down to bleed plenty. It is healing well. Asa's twins are for sale.

So, there they are. They're wonderful in the flock, spunky and full of personality. Shetlands are ideal for small farms, easily handled even if squirmy, and economical to feed.
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- Franna


Kara said...

Beautiful lambs. I have a musket question...check out the ram on my recent blog post. Thanks.

Michelle at Boulderneigh said...

That doesn't look like a boring, monochromatic group of lambs at all! Very nice, all of them.

Franna said...

Thanks! Actually, the whole group including moms has some variety - one kat, one gul, another grey, a musket, white. I only have one solid moorit mom. Plus they're with the yearling and low status Gotland moms with lambs - shades of grey and white.
- Franna

Garrett808 said...

Is Moira still available?