Friday, October 30, 2009

EverRanch at the Kitsap County Fair

This summer I took small strings of sheep to the Island County Fair and the Kitsap County Fair. That was in August. This is October. hmmmmm. Above is the poster spread I put above our pens. ...maybe it'll biggify if you click on it. The Homeland Security poster is one of my favorites.

Above is Town Crier, one of Electra's twin rams from 2009. He was Champion Shetland ram at both Island County and Kitsap County Fairs. Below are the two Shetland ewe lambs from Kitsap County Fair. Moira is on the left, Mindy is on the right. Mindy was Champion Shetland ewe :-) They were great ambassadors for the little sheep.

The two % Gotland ewes below both went to Island and Kitsap County fairs. Daisy was Grand Champion ewe at both Fairs. Her larger size probably did it for her; I like Chloe better.

This guy is a 62% Gotland ram. Beauregard was Champion % Gotland ram at Kitsap County. His fleece is gorgeous!

Fairgoers can be rather unique. This one wasn't too out of place.

I'm almost ready to consider going to another event open to the public. :-)

- Franna


Bryan said...

I had hair like that once!

Franna said...

Oh, yes. And green and blue and bleach bottle blonde, for a while, too. :-)

Rayna said...

What type of starch do you use to get your hair to stay like that? I've tried it with gel & hairspray in large amounts and can never get it right. Always falls over. That and my heads not shaved on the sides LOL.

Michelle said...

Town Crier is such a unique and beautiful color! Looks very soft, too. Congrats on all the ribbons!

susan said...

Town Crier's unusual color caught my attention too. What is happening with the marble color pattern underneath? Do you think he is a Ag or something else?

I have a ewe lamb this year that is marbled as well. She has various shades of grey and some areas of pure black. SOme of the gray areas are turning lighter, but the black areas and some of the gray areas are remaining unchanged.

This is deffinatly a new type of grey for me.


Michelle said...

I heard a new-to-me explanation of some of the "odder" colors which may or may not apply to Town Crier - incomplete dominance. If an Ag/Aa sheep has incomplete dominance, you can have areas of solid AND areas of Ag. Interesting!

Franna said...

TC is AgAa. His dam also was wildly patterned as a lamb and now is one of those who changes color. Most of the year she looks classical Ag grey, other times she is darker here and there; her face goes from light to dark. Her dam had black eye patches as a lamb with white on her body, yet as an adult looked classical Ag grey. Go figure!

Donna said...

Hi Franna,
So my blog was removed from the internet by for MALWARE. I retyped my last blog entry from early this morning to a temporary new site at


Kathy said...

I've always meant to ask you Franna...where did you find the HS poster? Neat!