Monday, March 14, 2011

Home Made Egg Nog

After experimenting for several years, just off and on - not extensively, I came up with an egg nog recipe that suits my taste buds! This round of taste tests was inspired by our chickens, who're just getting up to laying speed this spring.

I'm a sucker for egg nog lattes and warm egg nog, yes, sometimes fortified a bit. :-)

Now I have my own - I don't have to rely on seasonal, store bought egg nog with its laundry list of chemicals and heavy sugaring.

Here's what I'm drinking:

1 big mug
1 whole egg, fresh from the nest
1 tsp sugar
dash/pinch of allspice
bigger dash of freshly grated nutmeg

I put a bit of milk in the bottom of the mug - maybe a tablespoon, add the egg and beat with a fork. When it's pretty well homogenous, add the sugar, allspice, nutmeg and more milk. Beat it some more with the fork. Add milk to fill the mug. My size mug in my microwave gets 2 minutes on high, then stirred, followed by another minute on high.

It comes out smooth and creamy with just a hint of custardy texture. It's golden yellow from our free range eggs and just sweet enough. Just right for a stormy Monday morning... or Tuesday, Wednesday....

Too late for a photo, it's already gone!


Michelle said...

Ooooh, I'll have to try that! The eggs are threatening to take over my frig....

Donna said...

That sounds great- I will be trying it too!

Franna said...

My newest version uses maple syrup instead of sugar and cinnamon for spice. YUM-O!

Jody said...

HI Franna!
We have had 12 lambs born this week to 3 ewes (2 year olds)!! I wanted to ask you about colour. The two white finn ewes were bred to a 75%Gotland/Finn ram and the lambs have brown coloured splashes of colour on various parts of their white bodies. We thought only one of these ewes carried a black gene but still, these splashes are brown. The lambs noses have a tiny little triangle shape of brown above their pink noses. The black 25% Gotland ewe had all black babies which we expected but these other babies are baffling. Just wondered if you had any thoughts you could share. There are pics on my blog Thanks...Jody van Dooijewaard

Jody said...

Franna I forgot to mention that last year one of those white finn ewes was bred to another white coloured finn ram and gave us only pure white lambs.
This colour stuff gets confusing but I am reading alot about it and hopefully it will sink in :-)