Monday, March 21, 2011

Speaking Spaniel

The big Seattle Kennel Club dog show draws a lot of spectators. Breed information booths fill three whole rows the length of the building. This year (as last year), three Spaniel clubs went together to rent one booth - "Spaniel Central", with the Mount Rainier Sporting Spaniel Association taking the lead. Cascade English Cocker Spaniels and the Pacific Northwest Welsh Springer Spaniel Club joined in. Clifford and I spent two hours in the booth meeting people, talking "spaniel" and promoting the breeds. Some of you might recognize the clip on the monitor as coming from "The Working Welshman" - a wonderful video showing how conformation affects hunting performance, showcasing Welsh Springers, but applicable to all spaniels.

Clifford particularly likes young girls. He's reserved around others, will tolerate being petted, but will make eye contact with the young girls in the aisle, wag his tail and grin at them with his eyes and ears until they come up and make a fuss over him. It works.

- Franna


Michelle said...

He's one of THOSE old men, huh? ;-)

Franna said...

Yes, indeed!