Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Lamb Photos

Finally. FINALLY. We had a good photo day - dry, warm, good light, and me at home - when I could go sit with the sheep and take some photos. These lambs are between 7 weeks (Ashley and Lenny) and 3 weeks old (George).

We have 6 more Gotland ewes due the end of the month.

Shetlands - Electra with daughter, Spark, sired by FirthofFifth Barish

Shetland - Bolt is Spark's twin brother. He is for sale.

Shetland twins - Orville (ram) and Popcorn (ewe)

Another shot of Orville. Sire and Grandsire both have mid 20's micron adult fleece. Orville is well built with soft, crimpy fleece. He's for sale.

62.5% Gotland (with BFL, BL and Shetland) ram - Patch is very light grey.

Gotland - Morgan, Patch's twin brother. Morgan will be a medium to light grey as an adult. Both Patch and Morgan have nice, curly fleeces and are for sale.

62.5% Gotland/37.5% Shetland ewe - JayDee is for sale.

JayDee again.

Gotland - DeeJay, JayDee's twin sister. DeeJay is also for sale. JayDee will be fairly light grey and DeeJay will probably be medium to dark grey.

Gotlands - Angie (50%) and daughter, Delilah (68.75%). Both have incredible fleeces and nice bodies.

75% Gotland/ 25% Shetland - George is for sale and might carry brown.

Mutt sheep - Scottish Blackface/Gotland/Shetland.
Lenny and Ashley playing King and Queen of the stump.

Shetlands - Abe and Astrid, his dam. Abe is sired by Barish and is for sale.

Abe in another shot, liking that nice, spring grass!

Shetland - Toffee, 2yo, in full fleece. She is for sale.

Thanks for visiting the EverRanch lambs!
- Franna


Michelle said...

Nice to finally see your lambs from Barish! I like the one I got, too; he's a solid boy with consistent fleece that feels soft so far.

Franna said...

I like Barish's lambs, too. Was hoping for more patterns, but the fleeces are really consistent. I'll try to get better photos later. :-)

Amy said...

Wow, Franna! Your ewes look like such nice genuine Shetland sheep! Nice to see real fleeces on them. They are beautiful!
Amy @ Wheely Wooly Farm

Franna said...

Thanks, Amy! They're overdue for shearing - right at 12 months growth. I like long, crimpy, mid-20's micron Shetland fleeces :-)