Saturday, December 27, 2008

Ice and Snow

We're finally warming up somewhat, here in Western Washington. The backyard is only about 80% white, and "Lake EverRanch" is back. One thing about the cold that I really like is that all the mud is FROZEN! At least the muck boots handle mud (and snow) well.

The dogs think this white stuff is great fun. Here's Thomas wallowing in the deep stuff.

The Hilton sheep - Jack's group - are wimps! Their only sheep trail in the snow is around to the fence by the garage, from whence the goodies come!
They gather by their door...

...unless they think a handout is forthcoming. Scottish Blackface, Sweet Pea and Eve, are the worst beggers.

The turkeys mostly hang out by their feeder building. I'm always amused to see them roosting in the tree. That is, unless they fly up there when I'm trying to catch them!

It's been wonderful icicle growing weather. They're so beautiful. This one's quite gnarly...

...and this one is just ominous!

I hate crawling up in the attic, but SOMETHING is going on up there! Water in the attic is never a good thing.

This icicle is in the porch overhang - a very narrow space for not-so-narrow me.

I hope everyone had a great Christmas and is looking forward to enjoying 2009!

- Franna

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Wrensong Farm said...

All my critter had the basic to food/water only trail in the snow. I agree about the icicles...they are beautiful (though like you said the one coming from your attic is a bit ominous). I liked the fact that I had real icicles instead of those icicle lights for the holidays (but I'm sure ready for the snow to be gone!)