Friday, June 25, 2010

Has it really been a Week?!

...since the Black Sheep Gathering?
I got away without buying much... except a Shetland ram and a semen tank. Those I arranged ahead of time and Garrett Ramsey brought them out from Minnesota.
Here's the handsome fella who gets all our Shetland ewes this fall. All 9 of them. Unless some get sold.
Meet FirthOFifth Barish, an F1 Campaign Timothy son. Barish produces only black based sheep, and his katmoget (badger face) pattern is my favorite. With the modified genetics we got from Buddy over the last 3 years, perhaps we'll get some shaela offspring. Barish is a small ram, very nice Shetland size, and is half polled, even though his scurs/aberrent horns are fairly good sized.

Barish will be staying with Michelle at Boulderneigh to service her ewes before coming here to continue his job. While he's with Michelle, her Blackberry is sharing quarters with our two 75% Gotland rams. Blackberry isn't much smaller than they are and all seem pretty amicable.

On Saturday evening at BSG, right before the Spinners' Lead, there was a Shetland Costume parade. Most of my photos were dark and blurry, but I did get a couple of my favorite costumes. Tracy had a great sign, especially considering all the discussion surrounding fleece types in our little sheep. I remember wearing those foamy curlers!!! Mine were pink.
Lynn Deshler dressed her little sheep in a peacock costume, and carried a stuffed peacock. They were very colorful, and I wish my photo had been better. Notice her tail feathers in front of the curler sheep above.

There were several sheep led by kids - monsters and ballerinas, Little Red Riding Hood and the Big Bad Wolf, and this cowgirl with her bucking bronco.

The sheep were remarkably tolerant of their saddles, sweaters, hats and wigs. I hope it'll be on the NASSA AGM video!
- Franna

Tuesday, June 08, 2010

EverRanch Farms last lamb of 2010

I **thought** I took the rams out so we'd be done lambing in May. Apparently, my timing was off by a good week. Jewel, one of our 75% Gotland ewes, delivered her son mid-morning today, out in the sun in the nice green grass. That's the way they all should be. He'll be curly and grey like his parents - and for sale. (75% Gotland, 12.5% Finn, 12.5% Shetland)

Jewel's boy has three similar aged future playmates. Our only purebred Shetland lambs of the year are these two ruffians, both rams, both sired by Michelle's Blackberry. The moorit gulmoget is out of EverRanch Mindy (musket), and the black fella is out of EverRanch Moira (moorit). Both Mindy and Moira are V Creek Buddy daughters. These two Shetland boys are for sale, as are moorit yearling ewes Moira and Sister, out of Bitterroot Bessie.

One of our 50% Gotlands, Topper, gave birth to this little grey cutie (62.5% Gotland, 25% Finn, 12.5% Shetland). She's a keeper and needs a name. Her face looks like it'll turn dark as she matures, although she might retain a krunet spot like mom's. (The sun makes her forehead look lighter in this photo.)

Did I mention that she needs a name???

Below are Wanda and Smudge, the "supplemental" bottle lambs. Smudge has started nursing less from the bottle and I've seen her nursing from mom more. Wanda still yells for her bottle. This morning, I started them drinking from a dish instead. WOW! What a mess!! Lambs and I got all covered with formula! By the bottom of the dish, though, both lambs had started drinking fairly efficiently. Both are plump and growing, even though they're still smaller than sisters Surprise (white) and Cat-Face (black with white blaze). All 4 sisters are for sale - 62.5% Finn, 37.5% Gotland.

Also growing strong and getting friendly is Alice, our 75% Gotland/25% Shetland out of EverRanch Bunny and New Zealand Gotland ram, Hoppy.

Alice, and sister, Marie, will be registered and eligible for purebred Gotland classes at Fairs this summer. Alice and Marie are not for sale.

We had lambs starting in March this year - almost 3 months of lambing. Every year I vow to concentrate lambing to a shorter time span. Maybe I'll actually follow through this fall :-)

I will be paring down the flock severely this year. Three registered Finnsheep ewes, most of our 50% Gotland ewes, plus several very nice 37% Gotland yearling ewes, and two 75% Gotland rams are for sale in addition to many of this year's lambs. They're all very nice sheep, many are halter trained, all are well socialized. Prices range from $125 to $400.

- Franna