Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Island County Fair

Franna and Gem at the Island County Fair

We had a great time at the Fair! The weather was cool to warm and dry for the most part. It was really comfortable for the animals, and people could put on layers in the morning.

We had the FIRST EVER Registered Gotland show in the US on Friday with 2 yearling ewes and 4 ewe lambs entered. The sheep represented Gotland sires from the UK and from New Zealand and foundation breeds - Finnsheep and Border Leicesters.

The Grand Champion Gotland ewe was our very own Gotland yearling, EverRanch Gem - shown below.

Later in the day, Gem was judged Supreme Ewe (Best Ewe in Show) over 6 other Grand Champion Ewes! Joanne's yearling ram, Windy Hill Roku was awarded Grand Champion NC Ram (the whole NC class were Gotland Cross sheep), and Supreme Ram in show. The 4 of us are shown below.
I have other results to report, and I'll post them when I get some more sheep photos. It's really hard to get photos when you're running around gathering sheep, changing halters, putting sheep away and getting them back out. whew! Thanks to DH, Dave for the photos of Gem and Roku.

After awards, I put the ribbons and rosettes up above the sheep on their stall cards. It looked pretty good! This is my "adult ewe" pen. See those nice rosettes?When I came back the next morning, all the rosettes were in the straw but the one on the left - Chloe's Reserve Champion NC Ewe rosette.

Chloe had climbed the wall, pulled down and nibbled on everyone else's rosettes but her own! Hmmmmmmm. The picture of innocence.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Fair Time!

This year EverRanch sheep are going to two (more or less) local Fairs - the Island County Fair in Langley, WA, and the Evergreen State Fair in Monroe, WA. We've taken sheep to the ICF for two years now. It will be our new home county fair once we get moved to Whidbey Island. This will be our first year with sheep at the Evergreen. I miss going to the Puyallup Fair, but since they moved the sheep show to the last weekend, it conflicts with the Oregon Flock and Fiber Show. choices, choices.

The sheep string this year includes 7 Natural Colored - all Gotland crosses, 2 Shetland yearling ewes, 2 Crossbred white yearling ewes at ICF, and at both fairs we have a Registered Gotland show! I believe these to be the first registered Gotland shows in the US!

Reports to come. Now I have to get busy finishing the flooring in the horse trailer so we can go tomorrow.