Friday, February 26, 2010

Oh, Uncle!

I should have had the commitment that the Olympic athletes have. Or, should I say, I should have had the commitment to my Oscar vest that the Olympic athletes have to their sports.

My pattern wasn't quite right. The vest is turning out longer than it should be and not wide enough. Not good. I need to rework the pattern, frog, and start over. Oh, well, it'll give me a chance to incorporate some ideas I have for double knitting the pocket more effectively.

I have, however, finished ordering and gathering awards for the Welsh Springer Spaniel Club of America National specialty, of which I'm the Chairman. I've put together three Quillows made with custom printed fabric that I designed, have 6 banners ready to sew (also from fabric that I designed), and a whole bunch of fleece strips cut (while watching the US hockey team trounce the Finnish team!) and ready to braid up into dog tugs.

So, it is the knitting that got postponed - my version of getting hung up at the top of the snowboard cross hill, while completing the downhill in style.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Cast On!

I got several rows done before I fell asleep in front of the opening ceremonies.

This bit will end up as the right front band. I was just starting the light grey, when I started examining the insides of my eyelids. It will be interesting, as the knitting is oversize and will be heavily fulled to size (as was my gage swatch).

- Franna

Friday, February 12, 2010

Change of Plans

...yes, already.

I found my Shetland yarn (from a ram named Oscar). And with it, ALL my notes and gage swatches for the side to side knit, purple-garter-ridge-striped vest. Well. I even wrote down the needle size, saved the needle with the yarn - and - charted the design!

So, my Olympic event is going to be an ORIGINAL sweater vest using the Oscar yarn. I can still do the Sleeveless Hoodie in some incredible Gotland yarn.

Cast on tonight! The bag is sitting in my recliner. Stay out of the bag, House Pumas!

...better get chores done now, so I won't be late starting :-)
- Franna

Knitting Olympics!

Oh, dear, oh, dear. I've gone and committed to knitting the Sleeveless Hoodie for the Knitting Olympics. I must be nuts with all the other stuff going on.

Well, there it is. I have either a light grey handspun bulky Shetland or the millspun Gotland from my own sheep in a worsted weight. Better decide soon!

Shetland handspun - spun several years ago by my own little fingers on my Ashford Traveler.

I earmarked this yarn for a vest, but haven't been happy with a pattern yet. The purple was going to be vertical stripes. Some sketching is in order. :-)
- Franna