Friday, February 26, 2010

Oh, Uncle!

I should have had the commitment that the Olympic athletes have. Or, should I say, I should have had the commitment to my Oscar vest that the Olympic athletes have to their sports.

My pattern wasn't quite right. The vest is turning out longer than it should be and not wide enough. Not good. I need to rework the pattern, frog, and start over. Oh, well, it'll give me a chance to incorporate some ideas I have for double knitting the pocket more effectively.

I have, however, finished ordering and gathering awards for the Welsh Springer Spaniel Club of America National specialty, of which I'm the Chairman. I've put together three Quillows made with custom printed fabric that I designed, have 6 banners ready to sew (also from fabric that I designed), and a whole bunch of fleece strips cut (while watching the US hockey team trounce the Finnish team!) and ready to braid up into dog tugs.

So, it is the knitting that got postponed - my version of getting hung up at the top of the snowboard cross hill, while completing the downhill in style.

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Michelle said...

I think you are being very gracious in defeat. :-)