Monday, August 06, 2007

Day's End

My Day for Me. It's after 9pm and my sock yarn sits. Actually it's on my desk in front of the keyboard. I'm touching it as I type.

All of the Fair Sheep got walked on a halter. All 16 of them. Plus an extra. Plus Pixie the Shetland (above), who is going to her new home on Friday. The all got their feet trimmed. Several got thistles and burrs removed and the Gotlands got bits of cotted wool teased out. That was my day. Plus feed and water for everyone.

The 4 sheep that got introduced to the halter on Saturday did quite well - Captain (White Ears), Bunny, Franjean and Elora. They all remembered the nice treats they get when they behave. Everyone else had to figure it out.

Captain and Charcoal (both GotlandxFinnsheep) were "walking" partners. They're shown below at the "stationary" station. After introducing them to walking and treats, I tied them to the fence for a bit. Here they got more treats, got their feet trimmed and preliminary grooming. I was amazed, everyone stood (with some patience on my part) to have their feet trimmed. After that, they walked in tandem to the pasture.
I don't have many good photos of Charcoal. She let me put her feet in place and stood there for this one. For some reason, she's finally decided I'm okay after months of skittishness. She was an exemplary student during haltering lessons. Charcoal has wonderful wool! It is soft and silky and lustrous charcoal grey. I can't wait to spin some!

Teebo (Scottish Blackface) on the other hand was the Wild Man. He and Admiral (GotlandxShetland) vied for the title and Teebo won. He spent more time in the air and collapsed on the ground than any of the others. Below he's getting ready to explode.
Here he comes! There's a name for this type of jump in dressage. Sheep dressage anyone?And back on all fours.He actually walked a little and was excused early from class for getting plain stressed out. Scotties aren't known for their people bonding skills.
It really was a day for me. I got to play with lambs all day long. I got my fingers in exquisite fleece hour after hour. I got to see the lights go on in all the little lambie heads when they found out good things happen when they walk nicely.
Now for the last part of the day, I'll measure stitches per inch and inches per stitch. Maybe tomorrow will be a sock yarn dyeing day.
- Franna


Michelle at Boulderneigh said...

Hmm, you must be referring to one of the "Airs Above the Ground" movements the Lipizzans do (which is sometimes call "high-school" dressage); there is no jumping in competitive dressage! Whatever, Teebo is very good at it. :-) It does sound like a lovely day!

Franna said...

Lipizzans, yes, that's probably what I was thinking. Teebo would collect, pull his front legs up tight while simutaneously rearing up and leaping into the air. Sometimes he did it in place, and sometimes leapt forward, sometimes backward. Quite graceful for a stocky Blackie ram lamb.
- Franna