Monday, August 06, 2007

My Day for Me

Last night I decided that today would be a day for me... my projects that have been waiting for the "extra" time. The first of those is sock yarn. I've been collecting undyed sock yarns and planning different patterns and color schemes to dye them. Yesterday I knitted several swatches to determine stitch gage and how many inches per row they need. There is Blue Faced Leicester yarn, superwash Merino, Merino and Silk (oooooooo!!!), and Merino plus nylon.

Of course, there are things that have to be done every day. So before my "day for me" I went out to lead the fair sheep to the pasture. They are set up so I only have to open the gate and they can "lead" themselves out, but! we are showing 16 of them in the Skagit County Fair on Saturday, and they really need to have some halter experience before Friday. Yes, this is Monday, 4 days from Friday.

So. On my way to "lead" the lambs out, I notice the Hilton ewes really should be moved into the next pasture... just a few minutes to reconfigure their electronet, put the fence panels around the stalled tractor and move their water tub.

Back to the lambs. It was the second lesson for the first two, Bunny (Shetland-Gotland) and Franjean (Shetland). They both did admirably for a second lesson. Good sheep! Led to the trough, got a couple handsfull of grain, then on to the pasture. The next two were easy to catch - Eve first, then Wicket (both Scottish Blackface). That was all that was easy! Both did the rodeo thing, and lunge line around in the lane. The finally calmed down enough to eat out of my hand, then tied off to the fence and trimmed hooves. That went fairly well. Next, lead them to the pasture.. one step at a time... one by one... one maybe two at a time. Pretty good. Now 4 lambies are in the pasture and 8 to go.

Now, it's lunchtime. I indulge myself with some blog reading and Ben and Jerry's lunch. MmmmMmmmmm. :-)

Will I get to "My Day for Me? I'm back out to teach a few more babies. Stay tuned.


Michelle at Boulderneigh said...

"Ben and Jerry's" lunch??? I need to pick up some more ice cream to balance out all the zucchini we're eating....

Franna said...

Oh, Yes! Ben and Jerry's makes the best lunch. I had such a healthful breakfast (yogurt, banana, oatmeal and raw walnuts) that I didn't even feel guilty.