Sunday, August 26, 2007

Did I Really Blog All Day???

My computer clock says 5 pm.
My conscience says - What did you do all day???

My defense says - see these four (five now) beautiful blogs? See those neat photos? The comments to comments? Don't forget to see the updated webpages and Shetland sales listings. See the laundry? See Bits yarn sample? See the Finn and Shetland paperwork ready to go in? Hah! - take that conscience!

- Franna


Michelle at Boulderneigh said...

Wow, when you decide to catch up on blogging, you REALLY catch up! I enjoyed reading it all, and lust after those shiny Gotland-cross fleeces. I also envy your 20 acres (think of the polled program I could have!), but wish you weren't moving farther away. In Enumclaw I could see you once in awhile; on Whidbey, it'll only be when we show up at the same events. :-(

Kathy L. said...

Being "retired",'re supposed to be able to do anything you d----d well please and not have to account for your time - or is that a vicious rumor going around? ;) LOL

I love your posts! I've finally been doing some spinning again and wish I could just do that all day long instead of PT exercises. Next week is another set of xrays, so keep your fingers crossed that I'll be allowed to take over the sheep again. I miss them!

Kathy L. said... just started in on my copy of "Sheep & Man"!!! Wow!! It is very interesting. Don't tell me how it ends, Franna...the suspense is killing me! :)

(If I can keep from falling asleep while I'm reading it...Darn these meds!)

Franna said...

heh... I actually felt "retired" the other day. I fixed my lunch and TURNED ON THE TV!!! Do you know that Meercats are canabalistic? That they live in packs headed by an alpha male and female? ...facts that everyone MUST know. It was terrible, though. I saw some animal rescue show where neglected dogs and horses were being rescued. That's enough TV for another couple months.
- Franna

Franna said...

Whooa! Sheep and Man. I'm still in the first half! It is fascinating. Dave and I were just talking about "rugging" some of the ram lambs so we could transport them in the trailer with the ewes ;-)
And how about all those other cultures where sheep milk is the main product of the flocks? It seems that only in North America is SHEEP CHEESE a novelty!
- Franna