Thursday, March 29, 2007

...out like a Lamb.

It is almost the end of March. March 29th. The month is behaving like that old adage : March comes in like a lion (boy did it!) and goes out like a lamb. It sure would be nice to have lambs to see March, 2007 off. The ewes are still awaiting.
It is a gorgeous, sunny day forecast to be in the mid-60's. What the heck am I doing inside???
First there was the to do list :
1. Organize and send the applications to Mary (WSSCA president) for the Welsh Springer Spaniel Club of America Agility trials in October. She will sign, then forward to AKC. DONE!
2. Print and send in applications to AKC for the Puget Sound Labrador Retriever Association's November Agility Trials. DONE!
3. Send a check to Kathy Baker for the NASSA Tartan tablecloth - to be used in the Shetland Sheep information booth at Shepherd's Extravaganza - yeaaaa! Thanks, Kathy! DONE!
4. Take all the above to the Post Office. DONE
5. Contact Susan of Ribbons, Etc. to choose colors for the Shepherd's Extravaganza special Shetland Sheep awards. oops! I misread her email, missed her this morning, so will do it on Monday.
Then there was Breakfast (thanks for the latte, Dear!), and Lunch.
...did I really browse through some blogs....? what else is there???
...burning daylight, so I'm...
OUTSIDE to finish the Ovine Hilton :-)


Michelle said...

WHAT? No shearing on such a fine day?

Franna said...

Hi, Michelle. Yes, what a FINE, FINE day! Shearing is "on the list". Lambs are coming, shearing will wait. ;-) ...especially since I have my fleeces sheared for the Shepherd's Extravaganza, and waiting to be skirted. Skirting is "on the list"....