Thursday, April 26, 2007

Destressing at the Hilton

There often isn't enough time during the week for work, taking care of the farm, eating and sleeping. Sleep is usually the one that gets shorted.

It was getting quite late last night and the last thing we had to do was put down some clean straw in the Hilton. I wrestled the bale through the gate and could feel little bodies clustering around my feet. Shuffling slowly and letting the bale down carefully, I was just ready to cut the strings when it was discovered! Discovered by multitudes of black and white bodies (and one brown body).

The Lambs at the Hilton were not ready to go to sleep, no, not at all. They commandeered the hay bale as the center of their impromptu playground and played king of the mountain - up and down, up and down, leap and spring! It was just too great for us to spoil their fun right away, so we stood there and felt their fiber, looked at color, socialized and played with the lambs.

And eventually, what do adults do? Well, we spoil the kids fun, of course. ;-) We opened the bale of straw and spread it out - leaving a couple of mini-piles for late(r) night fun. Bed felt even better after destressing with the lambs, and I'm sure sleep came faster than usual.

- Franna


Kathy said...

No matter now stressed or wound-up I am, it seems that just a few minutes of watching the new lambs and their mums just makes all that extraneous stuff melt away. Lately, when I've been watching them run and play I remember what things are most important in life. The simple joys of just being alive come to mind first. This evening, even the moms were jumping and running with the lambs out of pure joy. It never fails to bring me back and grounds me to what's important.

Franna said...

Kathy, you are so right on. I spent more precious extra minutes out with the sheep and lambs this evening (seems to happen every evening) :-)