Sunday, May 13, 2007


This is Electra. She's one of our favorite Shetland sheep. I know you all have favorite sheep. They're usually the ones who don't meet your goals for the flock, but they're characters or best friends in sheep suits or something else that makes certain that they are forever flock members. Electra is one of those. Her wool is coarser than ideal and she isn't very productive but she's so friendly, has friendly lambs and is such a character that she's on our "A" list. That's the list of sheep that will stay on and be buried in the "back 40" when their time comes.

Electra decided recently that she doesn't like drinking out of the buckets and tubs we supply with fresh water twice a day. She wants to get it right from the source as we're filling said buckets and tubs. Of course, the hose leaks just enough for her to get a good drink by licking right at the faucet connection.

Mom once had a cat named "Spook" (who wasn't spooky at all, and was calico colored at that) who decided she'd get her drinks by licking the bathtub faucet. Spook was catered to by letting the bathtub faucet slowly drip all day long. I used to cat-sit for Mom when she'd go traveling, and of course, had to leave the bathtub faucet drip for Spook. Those memories all came back to me watching Electra lick the hose at the leaking faucet connection.

Thanks, Electra. :-)

- Franna

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Kathy said...

You're right, seems that everyone, no matter if they have a large flock or a small one, has one just like Electra. It's almost as if they know they'd better find some way to wind themselves around the heart of someone...or else. I've got one too. Maybe they have some sort of sheep society that gives instructions to their members on how to charm a human. :)