Thursday, May 31, 2012

Puppy! Puppy! Puppy!!!

I spent a long time contemplating my next puppy.  Another Labrador?  Labs are my first love.  Smart, good sized, love to work, and one can still find lines that are athletic and good looking.  Then, there's Clifford, my Welsh Springer Spaniel.  He's the senior dog in the household and is ageing gracefully, yet ageing nonetheless.  Clifford is a super upland dog and I've fallen in love with the Welshie gentleness.  Labrador people are great, and so are Welshie people.  I looked again at other breeds, small herding dogs, big farm dogs, guardians, competition breeds, and always came back to Labradors and Welsh Springers.

I finally made up my mind one day while tracking training.  The Labradors hauled me hither and yon, jerked my shoulder on track and off, and took me full bore stumbling down the track.  Clifford pulls into the harness and goes at a nice pace, fast walk/slow jog for me.  As I'm looking at starting my 7th decade next month, I'm going to indulge myself a little and go with a Welsh Springer!

Not too long after deciding, I found out that one of my favorite little Welshie gals was bred to Clifford's sire, and we're now on the puppy list!  Today we found out that there will be puppies - Yeaaaaa!!!  Puppies are due July 9th.
Tatum with youthful exhuberance. Photo by Susan Willingham.
So, here's to crossing fingers for at least two little girlie Welshies from Tatum - Ch. Trystyn's Statesman Lakota Red, RN, NAJ, CHIC, 3 JH legs, and Eero - BIS/2x BISS Ch. Benton Ivy League, UD, RA, MX, AXJ, MXP2, MJP, CGC, CHIC, ASCA CDX.  One for Susan and one for me!  Mine will be Lucille.  :-)

Eero, looking fine as a Veteran show dog. Photo by Susan Willingham.

- Franna


Michelle said...

Oh, congratulations Franna! How wonderful that you are getting Clifford's half-sib, too! Why a girl this time? And how many dogs are at Everranch now?

Kelly said...

7th decade??? That is not possible, you don't look like you are anywhere near your 6th decade.
Ok, back to the puppy, yeah!!!!! I love puppies, but I will say that my Maremma puppy is NOT in a stage that I am found of at the moment. LOL