Sunday, April 27, 2008

Bessie's Silver Lining

Bitterroot Bessie is an experienced Mom. She lambs easily and has wonderful lambs. She was in labor while all the grafting of Black Market and Charcoal was going on. I hung around just in case and to watch the miracle of birth.

When Bessie started pushing REALLY hard, I was afraid something wasn't quite right. I peered at her business end and saw... A TAIL. Not good. Another dash to the house for lambing supplies and back to the Hilton. I pushed back, Bessie pushed ... no, Bess, relax... I managed to get the (naughty) tail pushed back enough to hook a hock, then a bit of another (also feeling more legs entangled therein). Bessie pushed, then pushed harder and out he came! A vigorous fawn katmoget ram! Bessie went right to cleaning him up, and a few minutes later he was joined by a moorit brother (oh, bother... more rams). Good girl, Bessie. Away they go into another jug with lots of straw.

Somewhat later, after checking other ewes, I returned to watch Bessie's little darlings and she started pushing again. It seemed a bit much for passing the afterbirth, and INDEED - another lamb! This one is a GIRL! A dark fawn katmoget GIRL. She's just got to be "Silver Lining". :-)


- Franna


Michelle at Boulderneigh said...

Perfect name for her color AND her circumstances!

Mim said...

I love the names you pick for your lambs and katmoget is my favorite color. I don't have any yet tho. I'd say my little calicos couldn't be katmoget. They do have ancestors with the katmoget color on both sides but their sire and dam are not white or katmoget. Wishful thinking!

inSheepsClothing said...

Wow. What a pretty little girl.
Love that coloring. Silver Lining, indeed!

Kathy said...

Congratulations, Franna! We've had all boys this year! In the past two year with a total of 10 lambs here, only one has been a girl. :( Bummer.
We've just got one more girl to lamb then we're through for the year.
I love the name, too, and she really is a beauty!

Nancy K. said...

What a wonderful story and beautiful lambs, Franna!