Sunday, April 06, 2008

Still no lambs - but SOON! least as independent life forms. So I'll post a few more photos of the Ewes in Waiting.

In the "Sheepie Hilton" are the "smaller" ewes, young'uns and first time moms. Eve is one of our "mystery" ewes - the mystery is when she was bred. She was obviously bred (!) but I wasn't stealthy enough to observe when. My guess was sometime this weekend - I was wrong.

Next is Snowflake. Snowflake is looking very uncomfortable and like a "double" sheep. The photo is a little bit of an illusion, although her "lamb lump" is pretty good sized when she lays down. She looks like she'd really like to get on with it! Just wait, Snowflake, be careful what you wish for.

Asa is the other Shetland that we AI'd with Gotland semen. She's looking very pregnant and we expect her to deliver late in the week. Last year she went 147 days. She's looking like she wants to get on with it, too.

Bossie is one of our Gotland/Finn lambs from 2007. She was also AI'd and looks like she took!!! She should give us 75% Gotland lamb(s). She actually seems fairly comfortable still.

Take a closer look at Bossie's fleece. This is why we're doing Gotlands! Too bad you can't feel it through the photo. ;-)

Charcoal, another Gotland/Finn, still seems somewhat comfortable, too. I saw her bred by Kibbles, though, so she has another couple weeks to wait.

The other group of ewes is in the Barn. I call them the "Upstairs Sheep" - the barn is up a bit of a hill from the house. Here are the 6 adult Finnsheep and the two BFLxBL horses... errrr, ewes.

This photo shows Niblet and her well developed udder. Niblet was restless all morning, and deserves watching as she was first to deliver in 2007 - on day 141 - that's TODAY!

Last, and certainly not least, this photo shows "The Brain" and her very swollen udder! I hope she's okay. I expect her to lamb very soon from the looks of "things". (Yes, her udder is pixelated - to maintain our "G" rating... or should that be "PG-18"....?)

So now we wait.
- Franna


Michelle at Boulderneigh said...

Oh how funny! How can the last shot be any worse than Niblet's? Isn't an udder an udder?

Franna said...

Oh, dear, no. Brain takes "udder" to another dimension. And, of course, she ends up with a tiny bit of a ramlet trying to fit her teats in his mouth!
- Franna

Dave said...

Nope, Brain's udder looks like some sort of mutant udder thing...