Tuesday, April 29, 2008

New Storm Clouds

Meet "Bandit"...

and "Stormy"

It's not so bad that the newest twins are boys. They are destined to be market lambs anyhow. (sigh). Mom, Electra, doesn't care. They're hers to protect, defend, lick and feed.

They are awfully cute. Just look at all those little curls. Those curls didn't come from Mom, so they must've come from Gotland/BFLxBL Dad. Well, maybe someone will be interested in a pretty grey fiber wether... or 15!

- Franna


Dave said...

WOW !! It is pretty sad when the first time I get to see them is in your blog :( I'm working WAY to much. They are sure very non-Elektra looking though....

Kathy said...

We have just finished lambing with a 100% ram year. I don't know whether to be happy at having really good rams, or sad at no girls!?
I guess somebody's got to produce flock-sires...looks like it's you and me. LOL!
I hope you can find wether homes for these guys as the fleece looks nice.