Monday, April 07, 2008


Last evening (while I was blogging and saying we were still waiting for lambs!) The Brain and Tucker presented us with 7 total lambs. Unfortunately two of Brain's quads were dead when we found them. It's hard to know if they were stillborn or not. She was so quick - we'd been checking every hour or two and noticed nothing imminent, then bang! there were four!

Funny, I got to the barn and each of the live lambs had 2 Finn ewes fighting over them. It took a bit to sort them out and jug the white ewe lamb and black ram lamb with mom - The Brain. Tucker was in the process of lambing at that time, and quickly presented us with black triplets - two rams and a ewe. The rest of the ewes took the night off (thank ewe, thank ewe!), then Niblet had a set of nice sized twins late this morning - a white ewe and black ram.

Brain and her two remaining Quads - white ewe and TINY black ramlet.

Tuckers two ram lambs. These guys look a LOT alike. They may need ear tags now.

Tucker's ewe lamb - tucked back behind the post and feeder. She was firstborn. We were hoping for more like her :-\
Then there were photo opportunities in the TV room. Thom and Villa shared one of the dog beds. He wasn't too sure about this cuddling stuff at first, but he's getting used to it.

Clifford sometimes even gets close to Villa. She's a real interloper - taking lots of Mom's time away from him. Every now and then he even plays with her. I tell him there will come a day when she seems REALLY attractive - and we're not looking forward to that!

- Franna


Kathy said...

Congratulations on the lambs! I'm sorry to hear, though, that the two were lost. Did you have any idea she would have quads?

Looks like everyone is wearing their regal krunets, too. I've been seeing quite a few lambs with krunets this year. I wonder if there is a sheep committee somewhere who decides the trends for the year? LOL!

Can hardly wait to see the rest of your lambs.

Nancy K. said...

What fun a long over-due visit to your blog is! I am SO enjoying watching Villa grow up.

Good luck with the rest of lambing!

Franna said...

heh... Can I be part of the Sheep Committee??? Let's see ... next year we have.... I know EWES!!!

Nancy, thanks for dropping by. ...and grow she does! After watching your Bella, and some others, English Shepherds were on my short list of breeds. Hard to think now that anything would replace Villa!