Sunday, April 06, 2008

No lambs yet.

I have an excuse... Really!

It's new! Its USB ports work! Software is getting loaded! I can print directly from my workstation! I can upload photos to my own computer for the first time in months!!! Happy Shepherd, Happy Doc :-) :-) :-)

We'll see if it really makes a difference in more timely blog updates. Well, the ewes might have something to say about that, too. It is Day 141 since we AI'd 15 ewes. Last year the lambs started coming late on Day 141, with the Finnsheep delivering first. Three of the Finns are very restless and uncomfortable. One of the Shetlands is, too.

Congratulations to Michelle at Boulderneigh on the arrival of her first 2008 lambs!

Last week we had a very unseasonable event - snow!

I tried to "track" the flakes with the camera, so the background is a bit blurry. The flakes were huge and wet, so I thought it would just fall and melt... the above photo shows the ground getting white.

Villa watched her first snowfall and tried to catch a few flakes. She doesn't know that it just doesn't snow in Western Washington in late March.

Mom, you're just foolin' with me. Look! Here is snow and it is late March. So there.

The rams stayed under their shelter, such as it is.

About 5" of snow accumulated and actually stayed for about 24 hours, then it snowed again a couple days later. It didn't accumulate, though. We're going to start some chicks this spring. I'm really glad I waited to get them. My original plan would have them on pasture by now - chicks don't do that well in the cold and snow! Maybe in another week or so. We're planning to raise broilers and a laying flock for meat and egg sales. YUM!


The Black Sheep Creamery Auction update:

DH just finished his donation to the auction - a custom model. Just look at this awesome piece of work!

Al Showalter chose the "Woodie" model and wanted it customized for his blog - Lake Boren Rapid Transit Report. It's detailed with mirrors, door handles, spare tire, customized license plates, customized signage, hot rodded hood and exhaust, gages, and on and on.

Check the engine detailing with wires, carb and hoses!

I know there are more custom items that were donated to the auction, and items made from the items won. Send photos and updates and I'll keep the page updated. :-)

...out to check the ewes.

- Franna


Michelle at Boulderneigh said...

Can't wait to see your all your lambs!

Donna said...
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Donna said...

Very nice job for my step-dad's Woody and the link to the amazing Lake Boren Rapid Transit Report. Thanks!


Franna said...

Your step-dad! I thought the name was familiar, but didn't place him. Dave really enjoyed meeting him (again).
- Franna

Dave said...

Ahhh, that explains the sense of deja vu when I met up with him to deliver the Woodie...