Monday, July 09, 2007

Concert Report

Well, darned if we didn't miss most of Pat Green's set. We got to our seats as he was finishing up with Wave on Wave - one of my favorites! Great seats! We were on about the 50 yard line in the first row of the second section up. The front of the stage was on about the 30 yard line, so we were plenty close, and no one could stand up and block short me! Yeaaaaaa!

I was a little disappointed in Sara Evans - I like her music but the sound system wasn't quite right and it blasted right into and through my ears... ouch. Interesting that she had 2 sisters as backup vocals and a brother on guitar. Wow! The earrings those girls were wearing! It made my ears hurt even more. One wore huge round flower outline hoops, the other wore a matrix of big circular coin looking discs. Sara wore saucer sized, but delicate looking hoops. Do these really hang from one little hole in their ears?

I went for eats during the first part of Sugarland's set. They sounded really good even in the concourses. The garlic fries are to die for, but it took me a long time to find them. I got back for the last couple songs, and it was even better from my seat - energy and well coordinated sound guys. Way to go!

Now for the best part - Brooks & Dunn. They Rocked!! Hillbilly Deluxe, Red Dirt Road, My Maria - one of my all time favorites -, Boot Scootin Boogie, and on and on. So we're figuring since they're not the headliner, they won't do an encore. Wrong! Ronnie came back out and did a tear jerking rendition of I Believe - My Oh My! They then closed with Only in America, complete with uniformed servicemen and red white and blue streamers shot out over the crowd and themselves. Kicks looked like a Maypole. And Their Sound guys did Great! They had the crowd on their feet throughout, and a rousing standing ovation to bring them back for the encore.

They changed sets really efficiently and we didn't have to wait long for Kenny. Oh. My. Goodness! He started on a stage on the 70-ish yard line, then moved to the front stage. That man has so much energy - he'd jog from side to side on the stage, out the runway to the tee and back and forth. By this time, the whole stadium was full, full, full - something like 50,000 people. This was the only time - at *any* concert - I'd heard the crowd singing - all together, in tune, and could hear all the words! We did it twice! I think Kenny was blown away by that, too. As good as it was, his sound guys weren't quite as good as B&D or Sugarland's were, and there were times it was difficult to hear him and understand words. And lights! Wow - what a light show! It must've looked really cool to the people in the airplanes landing at SeaTac - their pattern was taking them right over Qwest field. Kenny's encore was She Thinks my Tractor's Sexy - complete with John Deere green light show.

As always, it was a lot of fun crowd watching. There was a mini-Peyton Place going on in front of us. Five 20-something guys were really into the concert (and the beer!), to the chagrin of their wives(?) and dates. The wife of one finally got up and left - that made an impression. The others seemed to be picking up girls at the concert, leaving and coming back, meeting different girls... going shirtless and spinning their shirts around, high fiving, singing, standing on their chairs, spilling beer on the guy in front (then giving same guy the beer as an apology). There was a Kenny look-alike about 8 rows in front of us. At one point between sets, he got mobbed by people thinking he was Kenny (he sure looked it to us), then lo and behold, he was still sitting there when Kenny actually came on stage. During another set change a couple guys started to mix it up about 6 rows in front of us. Seattle police eventually came and took them away when they didn't back down. At least no blows were exchanged.... There is something to be said for "dry" concerts. ;-)

heh... for all that this Flip Flop Tour concert was great (and it was!)... Brad Paisley's concert was still the BEST. Even if you're not a Country fan - go to or Yahoo music and watch his new music video titled "Online" It is soooooo funny!!! :-)
- Franna

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