Tuesday, July 17, 2007

First Lambs to Leave

Sunday two lambs left the farm. They left together in a 500 size dog kennel in the back of a Subaru. They went to a family that bought two pet Shetland wethers from us, and they'll be grown out for lamb chops. yum!

This is Jill's boy, now known as "BaaaaBQ". He's a half Finn, out of our Mule type ewe, Jill - half Scottish Blackface, quarter Blue Faced Leicester and quarter Border Leicester. The other lamb was "Bullseye" another half Finn ram lamb out of a purebred Scottish Blackface ewe. They felt somewhere around 50 lbs when I lifted them into the Subaru. Nice boys. Two down!

- Franna


Michelle said...

You didn't have to show us a CUTE picture of a lamb before telling us he is going to be lambchops!

Kathy said...

Nice looking crossbred, Franna. How were the fleeces on the boys?

Franna said...

Our half Finn lambs have nice fleeces this year. They have more luster, lockiness and crimp than the Scotties. I'm thinking nice pelts here.

Cute... maybe. Not enough cute points, though. ;-)