Thursday, August 02, 2007

One Month of Retirement!

Wow... it's really gone fast. Do I feel retired? I think I'm starting to. Some mornings I actually feel like I don't have to be "somewhere". Then, too, some of the backlog is starting to diminish.

The last 2 weekends I judged agility trials, first in Billings, Montana, then in Colorado Springs. With these 2 assignments, I completed my provisional requirements and am now fully approved to judge agility! It's been over 2 years since I passed the agility judging seminar. I'm so glad to be "off leash". :-)

Some of the Secretarial stuff for the Gotland Association is now complete. We have copies of the Constitution and By Laws, Upbreeding Rules and Standards published. We are close to having a registrar, fees, and assigned flock numbers. Wheee! At our annual meeting in September, I'll most likely be taking on the Presidency and turning over the Secretary office to someone else. heh... I'm a much better President than Secretary. Take a look at our fledgling website:

Our EverRanch website has some new updates, too. Mostly they're photos of the Gotland lambs. You can take a look here:

They're interesting sheepies. Very friendly. I spent about 20 minutes teasing thistles out of the fleece of one of the ram lambs this afternoon. He just laid there and let me pull and tear away at the thistle heads. I thought I'd kept up better with the thistles in their pasture... argh. In the next couple of weeks, several of them should be sheared for the first time.

Then next weekend is our first fair of the season. We're having a mini-Shetland show at the Skagit county fair in Mt. Vernon, Washington. EverRanch Farm is taking 8 Shetlands, 4 Scottish Blackface lambs and 4 Gotland lambs. Sometime between now and then, we need some kind of Gotland poster, halter train the lambs and get all the "stuff" together.

Retirement??? Bring it onnnnnn!

"Captain" - one of the Gotland-Finn ram lambs. "Captain" is staying at EverRanch.

- Franna


Tina T-P said...

Sounds like you have been BUSY! - We'll see you at the Skagit. Should I make up some new Shetland Brochures? Maybe I could make up a little 1/4 sheet with all the NW breeders on it or something like that...Let me know what you think. T.

Michelle said...

What pretty fleece and head markings on that boy! And congratulations on your full judging status. No wonder there has been a dry spell on your blog; you have been busy! It always works that way, though. I think the only people who get bored are under 30.

Franna said...

Brochures - yes! I have the cookbooks - how to eat a whole Shetland - and the Shetland fleece information pages from Linda W.

Bored. It's just so hard to imagine being bored. So many things, so little time. Including blogs to read, blogs to write. :-)