Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Clothes (don't) make the Man (or Ram)

It's mid-August and unshorn sheep get to looking pretty scruffy. Here's a scruffy looking ruffian about to be transformed! ... the one with the grey muzzle. No, not that grey muzzle - the one without the hat... on the left. ;-)

This is Wee Croft Eino, our Finnsheep Ram. He looked pretty good in March when we sheared everyone else.

Eino stood patiently for his shearing and nail trim, even dozing during the process.

What a mug!

The first passes with the clipper reveal the "black gold" underneath.

Now here's the man "undressed". Isn't he a handsome dude? At 6 years old, Eino has a great topline, good teeth, good feet, a fantastic attitude...

...with an impressive business end.

His fleece is soft and fine. I've only seen ridges form like this on one other sheep - our Shetland Buddy. Buddy's fleece is very fine also. Both boys have skin that is soft and easily rolled between your fingers. Is this the "famous" soft rolling skin?

Here is a closer look at the fleece "ridges". They swirl in different patterns over his body, so aren't an artifact of shearing.

And the fleece?
It would've been nicer sheared in March with the rest. Perhaps it's salvageable. It's sure a nice sized fleece!

Eino will be leaving EverRanch soon. He is going to Leanne Hughes of Triple L Finnsheep in Eastern Washington. What a nice ram she's getting!
- Franna


Kathy said...

If I can't find a regular shearer person here, I may just have to look into a stand like yours. It would take alot of the stress off the back, I would imagine.

Keep us posted as to how this fleece is to spin, knit, weave, Franna! :)

Franna said...

Ohhhhh, the stand is marvelous! Given it to do again, though, I'd get one with a winch. Lower the stand to the ground, walk the sheep on, secure the sheep, winch up. With ours, I rig a ramp and have to drag most of the sheep up the ramp. A little better, I used the Dog Agility table set at 12", got the sheep on the Table, then up the ramp from the table to the stand. whew! A little grain goes a long ways.
- Franna