Sunday, October 26, 2008

Petty Thievery and Not-So-Petty Disappointment

A couple weeks ago, I checked our Asian pear tree. This young tree is just starting to produce more than a few pears, though it's a biennial bearing tree. This year was the "on" year for fruit. There were several dozen, nice golden pears almost ripe.

Last week I went out to pick a pear for breakfast and ... they were ALL GONE! Sometimes they all fall off, and critters get more than I do. That leaves pears and remnants of pears on the ground. There are no pears on the ground. No pears on the tree. No remnants of pears on the ground or on the tree. Someone systematically picked and stole my whole pear crop.

Now, people might be hungry, people might like pears, but these were MY pears, planted, pruned, thinned and watched by me. I've been anticipating eating these juicy, crisp, sweet pears all year... for TWO years, since last year was an "off" year. They'd developed into nice sized, healthy, better than organic, pears.

Theft is theft. It is trespassing and a violation of trust. I hope whomever took them at least feels guilty. There's almost no chance I'll find out who it was. Like they'd come up to my door and apologize? Bring me a new box of Asian pears?

Yeah, the tree is in the front yard. But - it's in the front yard! In full view of anyone driving by. I don't want to hear about any of you readers stealing pears!

Oh, pooh.

- Franna
...who isn't going to resort to store bought Asian pears


Gone2theDawgs said...

Yep, I just don't get where people are coming from where they think it's ok to take something from someone least ASK if you may have a couple of pears...or something! I had two full grown turkeys taken, and they were on our lower part of the property, which tells me it was one of my neighbors friends that could see down into the's VERY disheartening!

Michelle said...

Oh Franna, that IS disappointing to both the taste buds and to one's faith in mankind. I wish you were closer; we would have shared some of the bounty of Asian pears given to us by one of Rick's clients. Last night Rick put the last of them in the dehydrator....

Kara said...

That is terrible! I know a woman that has had goat kids disappear every Easter. She just sold her entire herd because of it. So sad and infuriating!

Pamela said...

Sheesh! Lisa had her camera stolen and you had your pears stolen. What is going on with these scumbags? Hope they break a tooth on the pears.

Kathy said...

I say shoot 'em and have done...but then I live in AZ where firearms are still legal and I still go shoot my .38 from law enforcement days.

I think those people who stole them should have a cojones-ectomy at the very least. ;)