Friday, October 31, 2008

Villa is Growing Up

Villa the Labrador grew legs over the last several months; legs and tail and neck and muzzle. She looks like a gawky teenager - which is exactly what she is. :-)

She still runs with amazing grace, and can outrun and outmanoeuver all of our dogs, including Clifford.

Now and then, she'll show a glimpse of the promise and potential of her pedigree and herself at 8 weeks old. She has a lovely reach of neck, topline, tailset, shoulders and rear angulation.

Now she just needs to grow up and fill in "a little", so she looks more like "Dad" - Ch. Waifin's Topform Conundrum, WC, RN...

...and Mom - Ch. Winroc On Line, JH, RN

- Franna


Michelle said...

Now, if I could have a lab that stayed at Villa's "gawky teenager" stage I might be tempted; I like that athletic build far more than her mature, "thick" parents. That's just me!

Tina said...

It's nice to see some are still breeding what the lab started as. A good solid dog that could hunt all day. She's looking good.

Dave said...


In the Show World view of Labradors, Villa's parents are not thick, they are almost a little under-nourished :) I know that you are not a hunter, but Thom (same mom as Villa) can get out and hunt for most of a day without getting too pooped. Both of his parents, and both of Villa's also have AKC performance titles, which mean that they are more that just show dogs... Plus, if you are REALLY interested, there are the thin, athletic labs out there, but I think that you would find that they might surpass that energy level which you have with Jackson..

Gone2theDawgs said...

Beautiful Yellow Lab, can't wait to here more about her. Really enjoyed the pics of her playing!! :)