Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Back to Sheep!

EverRanch Farm has lambs! Shady Oaks Marissa had two musket ewe lambs about 7am. When I went out just after 8, she was cleaning up #2, and #1 had wandered through the electronet (fortunately off!), and was next to an old trailer in the pasture, baaaing pitifully. She was VERY happy to have me scoop her up and return her to Mom.

This is Daughter #1, she has a shorter, crimpy fleece and less white than ...

...Daughter #2. D2 has a longer, wavy fleece, that I'm guessing will be like Mom's. Marissa has a long, long, wavy, gorgeous fleece. In the photos, it's about 5 months growth!

V Creek Buddy is the sire of all our Shetland lambs this year. He's modified - either mioget or fawn. I can't tell yet if either of these girls is modified. I'm not sure what a musket modified color even looks like.

So these are the first, but looking at the wide loads and developing udders below, you can be assured they won't be the last lambs at EverRanch in 2009.

Left to right are Scottish Blackface - Sweet Pea, and Finnsheep - Niblet and Pinky.

I spent some more time in the barn. It's still not ready for the sheep. I got all of the hog panels pulled up, rocks moved, some of the lumps and bumps leveled out, and the lamb cam turned on.

The pigs do a good job of breaking up the straw bedding pack, but this year they broke their lixit waterer, and had a soupy mess of mud in half the barn that never really dried out.

There isn't too much more I'll do to it before spreading some lime and a whole bunch of straw. After that, "The Twelve" big ewes will move up, and the Shetlands will move into the Hilton with the "Yearling Plus" group.

Stay tuned!

- Franna


Kara said...

Beautiful lambs!

Uggg! Watering pigs, I found to be the biggest challenge in raising a few feeder pigs!

Nancy K. said...

Congratulations on healthy twin ewe lambs! I LOVE watching musket lambs mature and their fleece transition in their first year. I think they are SO beautiful...

Christy said...

Those are beautiful lambs! I still hope to get some Shetland someday.

Tina T-P said...

Hey, what cuties - the first ones are always the best, aren't they? ERN is lookin good. You must be getting excited about moving! T.