Sunday, March 15, 2009

The Dogs of EverRanch

These are the dogs of our household. The very peacefulness of this photo belies their normal activity and exuberance. Everyone has to sleep sometime. This is our typical view when we finally sit down and watch Iron Chef America! on Sunday evenings. (The TV is right above Winnie.)

Kiss, chocolate Lab on the left belongs to son Bryan. He's selling his condo in Albuquerque, so Kiss is staying with us instead of "helping" the realtors. Kiss is officially known as Dave's Chocolate Kisses, CD, NAJ, CGC. She was Dave's dog before she and Bryan fell for each other. Interesting Kiss fact - when she got her CD (AKC Novice Obedience title), each of the three required qualifying scores ("legs") were earned with a different handler. Dave earned the first one with her, Jennifer (DD) the second, and she finished with me handling.

Next is Clifford, my Welsh Springer Spaniel, who is less commonly known as AKC, Int Ch. Briarbanc Brych Red Dog, RE, OA, NA, NF, CGC. (and on the verge of JH, OAJ, OF, and AX)

Then are the Three Yellow Labradors. We didn't choose anyone by color, it just happened that way. We chose the litters we wanted, then chose from the pups. They all ended up being yellow.

On "top" is Winnie - our newest addition - Winroc Winsome Winifred. She is Dave's up and coming star.

Front and center is Villa - who should be ready for competition "sometime" this year. AKA Winroc Virtual Villainess.

Then, last but certainly not least is Int. Ch. Winroc St. Thomas at Evrrnch, RN. Thomas is Dave's current competition dog.

Thomas earned the most recent title in our pack:

This is Thomas earning his International Championship on February 22, 2009. The Int. Ch. is a non-competitive title. The dogs are required to earn three V-1 (Excellent) Ratings from judges representing at least 2 countries. Around here, the judges are usually from the US and Canada. As I was in Lynden judging agility (and awarding Winnie's mom her MACH!!!), DD Jennifer and our good friend Gail handled Thomas to this title, and Dave took photos.

Next, here is Winnie, playing in the March snow last week. We've had snow in March for 2 years in row!!! The last time I remember it snowing significantly in March was 1989. Is this how they define "global warming"?? (I got up this morning to MORE SNOW! On March 15th!!!)


...then later, curled up in the favorite dog bed in the house. The dogs like their beds. They mostly like being with us, wherever we are. So, we have dog beds all over the house. This one really isn't a "dog bed". It is a kid's play tunnel that we use to start puppies in agility. It ties together in a hoop for storage, and by accident one day, it got knocked over and taken over as a bed. Even Thomas curls up in it! It is hardly ever vacant.

Winnie earned "house" privileges a couple weeks ago, by consistently going to the door to go outside to potty. She has really taken to being with the "Big Dogs" and with us. It is so much nicer when a puppy gets to the stage where you don't have to watch them 100%!

It's not so easy for dogs to get comfortable in my no frills pickup truck. On my last trip to ERN, I took Clifford and Villa. I filled the back with hay, so the only place for dogs was in the cab with me! Of course, they just want to be with me, so that was all well and good. There isn't much room on the front seat for me and two (semi) big dogs. This was Villa's solution:

...and Clifford's:

They did shift now and then. I'd get a soft muzzle laying on my leg, or a nice warm body against my side. It is verboten for them to get in my space while I'm driving, and they understand that pretty well. No, they're not very safe riding like this. I've got plans to get seat belts and/or a crate stand. We don't ride this way very often.
(Photos were taken while we were on the ferry - I wasn't driving and clicking!)

Clifford is very resourceful. He's good at finding ways into and around just about anything he wants. He's a terrific hunting dog, too. If there are birds around, he'll find them. He gets so intense that he goes into all kinds of cover and gets covered with all kinds of things. He always comes out full of sticks and seeds. Then, he chews them out, if I don't get to them first. Here, he's pulling berry vines out of his feathers after tally-ho'ing through all the brush at ERN. This is the reason that spaniels shouldn't be dripping in coat! He has just enough feathers to protect, yet, not too much to work out the vegetation. Actually, most of the seeds slide out of his correctly textured Spaniel coat.

To end this post, here are Winnie and Thomas again. Thomas is accepting her as one of the pack; she's learning that the pack sleeps under the TV when "Mom" and "Dad" vege out. Don't they look innocent and peaceful?

- Franna


Nancy K. said...

Dear Franna,

What absolutely wonderful, delightful, inspirational photos of your beautiful friends! What a house full!!

Thanks for sharing...

Franna said...

They are certainly a housefull! Dogs have been the one constant in my life since I was about 6 years old! As I write this, Clifford is in the tunnel "bed", Kiss, Villa and Winnie are under my desk and Thomas is trying to get them out to play. Oops! He just succeeded in getting Villa, Winnie and Clifford up... and Kiss took over the tunnel bed. ;-)
- Franna

Christy said...

They are so beautiful!

Bryan said...

"belies their normal activity and exuberance" indeed. I can't wait to meet Winnie in a few weeks :)

Dave said...

I hope you plan on burning 15 or 20 thousand calories off Kiss while you are here too :)

Dave said...

Ummmm, snow on March 17th as well... It sure screwed up the traffic this morning :(