Thursday, May 08, 2014

Awakening the Blog

My last post was two years ago!  My how time flies.  I'd forgotten my password... which happens far too often, and I need to figure out how to post things again.

Quick update:  The puppy was born July 7th and arrived here in September.  She was christened Stufield's Comedy Queen or Lucille, which quickly became Lucy, then Lou.

Here she is getting ready to go to the Welsh Springer National specialty in April.  She isn't too thrilled about getting groomed.  Lucy is a kick to train and is working on rally, obedience, agility, tracking and field.  She really would like to try herding, too.  Lucy earned her Rally Novice AKC title at the Welsh National.  

Of course, we still have the sheep.  Gotlands and Shetlands.  We sold the last Scottish Blackface ewe last spring.  This year we're up to 93.75% with the Gotlands.  The last 3 years we've used semen from the Gotland's home country, Sweden.  The lambs are gorgeous!  Below are twin ewe lambs by Nors Fox.  Mom is EVR Sapphire, a NZ Hoppy daughter, UK Daniel granddaughter, and UK Denzel great-granddaughter - three countries of Gotlands represented in our flock.

These two are trouble in the making.  They're rams out of EVR Smokey Diamond ( a Granby Mr. Big daughter) and EVR Shine (a Sindarve Shaun son).  Beautiful curls and masculine heads on these boys.

These are two of EVR Lola's triplets.  Lola is one of my favorite ewes.  She had triplets for her first lambing, by Nors Fox, two ewes and a ram.

Not to be outdone by the sheepy cuteness, we also had puppies of our own this spring.  Int. Ch. Winroc Winsome Winifred, RN, TDX, WC had 7 puppies by GrCh. Aquarius Stonewall Stuart.  

Everyone is in their new homes, California, Colorado, and Washington.  And... this little cutie is making EverRanch her home!  Meet Jennie, Winroc Clan Evrrnch Jenina, now 4 months old and smart as a whip.  Dave is training her well... or is it vice versa?

While the password is fresh in my mind, I'll try to update more often than once every 2 years!

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Michelle said...

You're aLIVE, you're aLIVE!!! Now for SHETLAND lambs.... ;-)